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A guide to INFINITE’s official channels and accounts, variety show appearances, films, and dramas for new and old Inspirits

Have you ever wonder if you’ve already watched all the shows that feature INFINITE? Worry no more, mga bes! Whether you’re new or old to the fandom, this guide will surely help you; so, you will be able to see how well the members have grown up and to know them better.

Moreover, this was also made to help all the Inspirits out there who wanted to start and end their days by seeing INFINITE. Through this, may you all enjoy the OT7 vibes from the latest; Kim Sungkyu, Lee Hoya, Jang Dongwoo, Lee Seongyeol, Nam Woohyun, Kim Myungsoo, and Lee Sungjong. Additionally, may this guide be a kind of help for your heart to be filled with joy and love.

These article includes: 1) INFINITE’s official channels and accounts; 2) Variety show appearances; 3) Films; and 4) Dramas. For the official channels and accounts, you can visit it all so you can watch their clips and videos that are only available there; and get updates about them. When it comes to variety show appearances; it includes the title of shows that have invited them, excluding the ones posted on their channels. While the films and dramas may star all the members or only the other member/s.

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Take note, to be directed on the channel or site, you might need to click the title/s.

Official Channels and Accounts

Photo Credits to Woollim Entertainment

Variety Show Appearances

Photo Credits to Woollim Entertainment
  • After School Club: Infinite
  • After School Club: Sunggyu
  • Ask in a Box
  • Pops in Seoul
  • Infinite! You Are My Oppa
  • Days of Infinite
  • Infinite’s Sesame Player
  • Infinite’s Ranking King
  • Japan Days of Infinite
  • Infinite’s Japan Story
  • Birth of a Family
  • Infinite Busan Wish Travel
  • This Is Infinite
  • Infinite Showtime
  • Infinite at Weekly Idol
  • Infinite H at Weekly Idol
  • Sunggyu at Weekly Idol
  • Infinite’s Couple Game and Second Invasion
  • Hoya and Dongwoo Funny Rap
  • Myungsoo, Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Hoya Rap Cut
  • HIYA Movie Trailer
  • HIYA Movie (Hoya’s Movie, no english sub)
  • INFINITE – Tell Me & Gee
  • Exciting India | 두근두근 인도 – Ep.1 (2015.04.29)
  • Exciting India | 두근두근 인도 – Ep.2 (2015.05.06)
  • Exciting India | 두근두근 인도 – Ep.3 (2015.05.13)
  • Exciting India | 두근두근 인도 – Ep.4 (2015.05.20)
  • The Beatle(s) Code 2: Infinite
  • Global Request Show: A Song For You 4 – INFINITE
  • Inspirit Shining Night – Infinite History Quiz
  • Infinite: Music Bank Mexico
  • 2 Days & 1 Night – Season 3 : Hot Night Special, Part 1 (2015.08.23)
  • Hello Counselor
  • Infinite: Section TV
  • Infinite: TVPP
  • Infinite: Super Idol Chart Show
  • Invincible Youth 2 | 청춘불패 2 – Ep.26: With 6 Amazing Guys! L, Lee Hyunwoo, Andy & more!
  • 명수(Myungsoo)/엘(L) Having Stomachache Cut at Behind The Show
  • Infinite 8 days in America
  • Children of the night (L)
  • 1 vs. 100 (L with Kim Sung-kyu, Dongwoo and Woohyun)
  • Director’s Cut (L with Kim Sung-kyu and Hoya)
  • Invincible Youth (L)
  • Radio Star (L)
  • Running Man (L) (Episode 129 and Episode 162)
  • 1 vs. 100 (L)
  • Full House (L) (episode 89)
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Films and Dramas

Photo owner can be seen on the watermark
  • Infinite Concert: Second Invasion Evolution the Movie 3D
  • Grow: Infinite’s Real Youth Life
  • Grow Commentary Video
  • Tooniverse Wara Store
  • Other dramas can be seen here

For the nine long years of INFINITE in the industry, they continually grow and share happiness with others. Subsequently, we are wishing that they have and will also achieve their dreams.

If you happen to know an official channel, account, variety show, film, or drama which is not included; feel free to comment it below. In addition, don’t hesitate to share your feels with us!

INFINITE is Inspirits and Inspirits is INFINITE. June is for us!

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