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10 reasons why you should watch “Kkondae Intern”

Kkondae Intern is a good drama! As a Park Hae Jin fan, I must say, this is my favorite drama of him.

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Kkondae Intern is a story about Ga Yeol Chan (Park Hae Jin) who finally gets revenge on his former boss Lee Man Sic (Kim Eung Soo) who made his life miserable 5 years ago.

Now, Ga Yeol Chan is the head of the marketing team at Joonsu Food, and Lee Man Sic is a part of their senior intern program. Lee Man Sic now works under Ga Yeol Chan. What will happen to these two?

The term “kkondae” means an older person who often acts superior or uses their age or seniority to justify their actions.

According to Park Hae Jin, the term “kkondae” for him means “someone who forces their own thoughts on others and who believes they’re absolutely right. I think it’s also someone who thinks they’re an open person. There may be people who have different opinions from me, but I think the person who says, ‘I am absolutely right’ is a kkondae.”

In my personal opinion, Kkondae Intern is definitely a must-watch. So, if you’re looking for reasons why you should start with this office drama, here are they:

1. The plot

Kkondae Intern interests me even from the first episode. My first impression in this drama is that it has a similar plot to the American film The Intern.

It was even mentioned in the drama when Lee Man Sic started his internship at Joonsu Food. His officemates correlate his senior internship to the character of Robert de Niro in the American film.

Joonsu Food started their senior internship, and Lee Man Sic enters the company. Also, his character has a hidden agenda in which you should watch the drama for you to know!

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2. Office drama

You might have seen plenty of office dramas in the past, but Kkondae Intern has something unique to it.

Ga Yeol Chan has 3 interns under him. Joo Yoon Soo and Lee Tae Lee together with the senior intern Lee Man Sic. These 3 interns are not the typical kind of office workers as they are not best at what they do. This troubles Ga Yeol Chan because he’s looking for the best interns but he ended up with the least best.

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Additionally, a drama wouldn’t be complete without the typical company war, so you would expect this as well. You’ll see how the characters of Ga Yeol Chan and Lee Man Sic will affect Joonsu Food.

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3. Bromance

Park Hae Jin has no main love interest in this drama but what he has is a bromance with actor Kim Eung Soo (Lee Man Sic).

The chemistry between the two actors is fantastic! At first, they were like cat-dog who constantly fights and irritate each other, but eventually, they resolve their issues and became the best of friends.

Image courtesy of mydramalist
Image courtesy of mydramalist

Also, if you’ve watched Man to Man, you already see the chemistry Park Hae Jin has with Park Sung Woong, and how well he works with his male co-actors.

4. The life of an office worker

I love it when dramas have an office setting. It gives us a view on how an office or a company function on a day to day basis.

As someone who’s a graduate of marketing and advertising, it’s great to see a drama that shows the life of a person who works in this field. It’s such a nostalgic feeling because I can somehow relate to the characters and the work they do.

In an interview with Park Hae Jin, he stated that he read comments from real-life office workers saying that they could relate to each character in the drama. Kkondae Intern is the life-oriented drama that everyone should watch now!

Additionally, this drama also features the different kinds of office workers a company will have. Someone who works hard and someone who slacks off at work.

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5. The story of a mystery girl

Of course, this drama has this concept as well!

In the drama, it was stated that Ga Yeol Chan came up with his hot chicken noodles because of a girl he saw eating at his frequent restaurant. The said girl was eating a bowl of spicy and hot noodle soup with eagerness. Ga Yeol Chan saw this girl and he was inspired to create hot chicken noodles for Joonsu Food. He dubbed this girl as his “ramen fairy”.

The logo of his hot chicken noodles is also inspired by the girl he saw, who has very curly hair.

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Who is this girl? You have to watch and find out!

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6. Park Hae Jin and his comedic acting skills

It’s not every day we see Park Hae Jin in a comedy-drama. In the past, his drama roles were serious and mysterious. He previously starred in a romantic drama with Jo Bo Ah titled Forest and he showed a bit of his comedic acting as well.

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In Kkondae Intern, he showed a lot of his humor, and as his fan, his comedic acting skills are on point!

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7. The character development

It was shown at the beginning of the drama how bad of a boss Lee Man Sic is to Ga Yeol Chan at their previous company. When Lee Man Sic started working at Joonsoo Foods Company, he was asked to make Ga Yeol Chan’s life miserable.

The two didn’t have a great relationship at first. They make each other’s lives miserable and they have endless fights. But as the story progresses, you’ll see how this hate turns into something else.

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The character development is not just about the two main characters but also about the supporting characters.

As I’ve mentioned before, Yoon Soo and Lee Tae Lee are two of the marketing team interns. They were hired despite being bad workers. They both don’t care about their job at first, but eventually, they work hard and aim to help the company and of course their superior, Ga Yeol Chan.

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8. Shocking revelation about the characters

We love it when a drama has this ultimate plot twist. Well, in Kkondae Intern, it has that too.

Two of the characters in the drama have a relationship or connection that no one ever predicted. Both the viewers and the characters in the drama have no idea about the connection between the two characters.

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Do you want to know who are they? Watch it now!

9. A story about healing and forgiveness

Ga Yeol Chan aims to get revenge on his former boss Lee Man Sic. He plans to make his life miserable just as he did with his 5 years ago.

But this drama shows how the two characters resolve their past issues and how they forgive each other. I know it’s not easy to forgive someone who hurt you, but with a good and acceptable reason, you will do it eventually.

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That happened with the two main leads. It was nice to see them forget the past and decided to move forward.

It’s not only about the two main leads, but a lot of characters in this drama have their personal and company issues that were also resolved in the end.

Talk about healing and forgiveness!

10. Life lessons

I guess one great lesson someone could get in this drama is that age doesn’t matter.

If you’re a skillful worker, you are still qualified for a job no matter what your age is.

In this drama, Lee Man Sic is a very intelligent person and a dedicated employee despite his age. He strives to look for a job even though companies will not hire him because he’s old.

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If you’re passionate about something, I think it’s not right for you to give it up just because people have something to say about your age.

Kkondae Intern is the light drama you need right now! You will definitely be entertained by the story and you’ll get something in the end.

Have I convinced you yet? Watch Kkondae Intern in Viu and Viki!

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