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WOODZ (Cho Seungyoun) comes back with his first mini-album “EQUAL”

Singer WOODZ (Cho Seungyoun) takes on a new challenge as a singer-songwriter as he released his first mini-album “EQUAL” yesterday, June 29, through various music sites. 

“EQUAL” is an album that begins with the idea of “Cho Seungyoun & WOODZ” and “WOODZ & Cho Seungyoun” which is his true self, and contains everything about him.

This is an album that depicts the colorfulness of his identity, and he also participated in writing and composing the songs in the album.

Including the title track “Blue,” “LIFT UP,” “Accident,” “NOID,” and “Waikiki” (feat Colde),” “BUCK” (feat punchnello)” and “Memories (주마등)” it has seven tracks, which have increased the level of perfection with various genres of music. 

Each song contains specific themes in the lyrics with his emotions, making it feel like watching a movie.

WOODZ made a fresh start as a singer-songwriter with unique musical colors.

The album also attracts global music fans with another change and growth.

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