“These are happy tears,” says WOODZ during his ment with the fans. The self-made all-rounder idol cannot hide how happy he was as the fans sing along with his hit song “Drowning” as part of the surprise for him organized by local fanbase, WOODZ PILIPINAS.

Filo MOODZ gathered together at the New Frontier Theater last Saturday, June 17th to witness the highly anticipated WOODZ’s first-ever concert in Manila‘2023 WOODZ WORLD TOUR [OO-LI]’

From the queue down to the entrance at the concert hall, every bit of the event was a smooth sail, thanks to the Bayanihan spirit of the Filo MOODZ. 

The feels and expectations intensified as soon as the lights lit in red and WOODZ showed up on stage and started performing. 


WOODZ started the night by performing “Busted” then followed by “Hijack” from his recent album OO-LI and “Love Me Harder” from his album, Equal. 

He performed a total of 26 songs which includes “Bump Bump,” “Sour Candy,” and “Kiss of Fire” plus song covers such as “Hype Boy” by NWJNS, and “Your Song” by one of the Philippines’ well-loved bands, “Parokya ni Edgar,” to name a few.

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As the Filo concertgoers were dubbed the “loudest crowd in concerts,” everyone was cheering at the top of their lungs and singing along with WOODZ.

In return, he gave the Filo MOODZ a night to remember and the best concert experience! 


WOODZ didn’t fail to give Filo MOODZ the best fan service they could ask for before performing “Multiply,” he took time to read some of the fans’ banners lifted. 

He granted certain requests, such as taking a selfie on a phone that he had taken from a fan. In addition, he also sang “Pool” and “Accident” as part of the request from the crowd.

Another fan asked if he could sing a few lines of the song “Move” from Produce X 101. He told the audience that he had forgotten the lyrics but managed to utter a few of the song’s lines, which caused the ONEITs in the audience to go absolutely crazy!

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WOODZ PILIPINAS has put together a number of fan projects, such as the banners distributed before fans enter the theater and the blue handkerchief party held during his “Journey” performance.

Another fan project that WOODZ loved was the duet with Filo MOODZ of the song, “Drowning.” He was too stunned to hear these beautiful voices of the crowd.

And the last surprise that hit him hard was the heartwarming fan-made VCR from the MOODZ all over the Philippines!


After the VCR played, he then proceeded with his short message to the crowd.

…it is a video that made me think a lot of things…it is a video of my journey to where I became right now…the video touched my heart, thank you very much!

Thank you, guys, for coming today, I promise to be back next time.

He concluded the concert with his song “Ready to Fight and bid goodbye to his fans.

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The amount of love and support that came from Filo MOODZ [ONEITs and Unicorns] was incomparable. This 2.5-hour show was worth the wait and a night to be cherished forever.

WOODZ, Luizy, or simply Cho Seungyoun, the Filo MOODZ will always root for you and wait for you to come back to the Philippines. We promise to be happy and healthy until then!

Watch how Annyeong Oppa Team K-rawl at 2023 WOODZ WORLD TOUR [OO-LI] in MANILA!


And it’s a wrap! PH MOODZ won tonight ✨ Event brought to us by EDAM Entertainment and PULP Live World #WOODZinMNL #WOODZinMNL2023 #WOODZ_WORLD_TOUR #WOODZ #choseungyoun #oo_li_project

♬ original sound – Annyeong Oppa – Annyeong Oppa

This event was made possible by PULP LIVE WORLD and EDAM Entertainment.

All photos used for this article are courtesy of PULP LIVE WORLD.

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