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Second lead syndrome? More like “grim reaper syndrome”

Written by Kharishma Harjai

Ever heard of the grim reaper syndrome?

Everyone has heard of a second-lead syndrome, for sure. That one handsome oppa in a Korean drama did not end up with the main lead lady and it leaves your heart aching for him. It is definitely common!

However, have you heard of the “Grim Reaper Syndrome” thing? Here are few examples of actors who have left their mark as the most dashing culprit for this syndrome!

1. Lee Dong Wook – Goblin

tvN’s Goblin soared up the rating charts right after the drama had finally been released. One of the reasons that probably attracted the viewers, other than an interesting plot, would be the dashing grim reaper. He turned out to be a king, Wang Yeo, who collects the dead and sends them off.

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He’d take these wandering souls to his ‘tea house.’ He serves them the tea of oblivion which helps erase all present memories so, they can actually Rest In Peace.

Here’s the problem. How can he, who collects souls, be so handsome?

2. Song Seung Hon – Black

Photo from OCN via DramaBeans

This K-drama is as thrilling like its title name, storyline, and plot which all enticing. It revolves around Grim Reaper 444, who is known as the underworld’s most unsympathetic soul collector, tasked to find another grim reaper who has ran away.

He posseses Detective Han’s body and makes him rise up from the dead. So, other than collecting souls, he enters them. He teams up with Ha Ram who can forsee death and see shadows of death.

The aura that Grim Reaper 444 has is probably what makes him such a hearth-throb to begin with! Black is on Netflix for those who have yet to experience it.

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How about you, who is your favorite K-drama grim reaper?

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Featured photo: Netflix

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