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Explore time in a parallel universe

Written by: Czarina Casalla

I just finished watching The King: Eternal Monarch and I’m still having the “feels”. #SepAnx syndrome hits again. K-drama fanatics will surely understand the dilemma of having to move on from another masterpiece series.

So, if you are looking for a sign to watch this comeback series of Lee Min Ho, this is it! Let me tell you why watching this series is worthy of your time.

1. Lee Min Ho has this charm that we cannot resist!

Admit it! He has the looks of an ultimate oppa! His legs are really longer than my patience! Kidding aside, I really admire him ever since the first time I’ve watched him from Boys Over Flowers. The good old days!

2. Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun’s chemistry is undeniable.

This is the love team we did not expect, but it really turned out great! Aside from their chemistry, they portrayed their characters really well. I really wish to be Tae Eul even if it’s just for Episode 11! That episode was dope! I was at the edge of my seat!

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I mean, can you imagine being the Queen of the Kingdom of Corea? The power you will hold!

3. Woo Do Hwan is a gem!

This is the first time I’ve watched him act and I am not even complaining. Acting as both the Unbreakable Sword and Eun Seop was remarkable! His visuals are no joke. Whenever I see him and Lee Gon on the screen, I am always mesmerized.

This series has a phenomenal cast! Kudos for the duality! The actors are really versatile and I truly admire them. 

4. The delicious food!

You will surely crave when you see Nari preparing the milk tea! I really want to go to The Alley!

That chicken and soju combination was also crazy! It always made me drool. I want to try mixing soju and beer also!

5. This series will surely activate your critical thinking!

This is not your usual series. You’ll be curious. You’ll have theories. You’ll think and think and think. The plot was wonderfully written and amazingly portrayed by the actors.

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6. Camera angles are also commendable, same as to the setting of the scenes.

7. Apart from the technical aspects, this series will teach us that love has certainly no boundaries. We can explore the universe or we can even cross time. 

Indeed, a must-watch K-drama! Ready your snacks and go watch this series. It’s worth it!

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