Cho Seungyoun will make a solo comeback as WOODZ on 29th!

Cho Seungyoun announces his comeback on the 29th by releasing teaser images and logos for his first mini-album “EQUAL” through his official SNS accounts.

He will be performing as a solo artist, WOODZ, and it will be his first solo comeback in about a year and a half since “Meaningless,” which was released in 2018.

WOODZ has proven his musical spectrum as a solo artist as well as a group member of UNIQ and X1.

He released various solo songs such as “Different,” “Pool” and “Baby Ride,” he has been showing his talent, being called an “All Rounder” as a producer, so he is also expected to do more in this new album.

In particular, the name WOODZ means “heavy root, light branch,” meaning “heavy mind, light thoughts.” There is also a desire to make various genres of music like various trees in the forest.

WOODZ is expected to show another charm and position that has never been seen before with his new album, and he is expected to show his unique position, freely crossing the boundaries of idols and artists, with more colorful charms, performances, and even producer skills.

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EQUAL will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on the 29th.

Are you excited for this comeback, bes? Don’t forget to show your support for him.

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