WOODZ (Cho Seungyoun), “New start as a soloist has increased responsibility and pressure.”

WOODZ (Cho Seungyoun), who came back as a solo artist, decorated the back cover of star1’s August issue.

WOODZ released his first solo mini-album “EQUAL” in June, announcing his new start as a solo artist in Group X1.

It’s my first time working alone, and it feels new. I feel more responsible and pressured.”, he said.

WOODZ then thanked his fellow artist for his advice and support while preparing for his solo album. “GOT7’s Yugyeom, Seventeen’s Vernon and Pentagon’s Kino also listened to the songs in advance before the album was released. I’ve gained a lot of courage because everyone cheered me on saying I’m fine.”, he said.

When asked if he feels sorry to be performing on a music show without the live audience, he said, “I feel very sorry. I hope we all work together and things will get better as soon as possible.”

It hasn’t been long since he released his first solo album, but he’s already started working on his next album. “I’m going to release another album within this year,” he said, burning his heart for the next album.

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Meanwhile, photos and interviews of WOODZ (Cho Seungyoun) can be found in the August issue of star1, a star & style magazine.

Watch his debut title track ‘Love Me Harder’ below:

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