Three Meals A Day spinoff casts SECHSKIES

Three Meals A Day variety show has a new spinoff series featuring SECHSKIES! Called ‘Three Meals for Four,’ the four in the person of Jiwon, Jaijin, Jae-duc, and Suwon.

Na PD introduced his new show on YT live and was joined by the group. Watch the hilarious live below:

To “keep promises made in lieu of a trip to the moon” is the reason behind the birth of the show. The promise to send Eun Ji Won and Lee Soo Geun to the moon if his channel reaches a million subscribers was Na PD’s idea. (Let’s just say a lot of fans are watching then and the goal was easily met.)

Surprisingly, living under one roof would be a new experience for the band since they haven’t done this since their debut days. Will this cohabitation turn into a rumble? One thing we’re sure of is this will be a great experience for the group.

Watch the current update from the series with adventure, fiasco, and a lot of chaos below:

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The show is currently showing alongside Three Meals A Day: Fishing Village 5.

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