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Running Man’s Jeon So Min Will Take A Break from her activities

Running Man’s Jeon So Min will halt from all of her activities as her agency stated today, April 2.

So Min’s agency, IAM, stated that she decided to take a break from all of her activities. The reason for this is due to her not feeling well lately. The agency also clarified that So Min’s decision is not related to any COVID-19 health related concerns.

The agency further explained that Jeon So Min went to visit the doctor for a general check-up and has received directions for treatment due to fatigue.

With So Min’s current condition, her agency asked for every one’s understanding regarding this matter. She will also take a break from the variety program, Running Man.

The Running Man crew has also confirmed the news that So Min will take a break for a month from the show.

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We wish So Min’s quick recovery!

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Featured Image From: Jeon So Min’s Instagram.

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