It has been more than a week since “Hi Bye, Mama!” ended but the series surely left a mark in the hearts of many. This Korean drama has brought the audience to a roller coaster of emotions.  Here are 16 heartwarming, soul-stirring, and worth remembering quotes from “Hi Bye, Mama!”

1. The Winning Love Story

Photo from Netflix : Hi Bye, Mama Episode 1

It only took us three seconds to see each other and fall in love.

Their love story unfolded as these two met in the serendipitous moment of guess what? – watching Park Ji Sung’s winning goal against Greece during the World Cup 2010. Aside from the winning soccer team of South Korea, Yu Ri and Kang Hwa surely had a great win in their love story.

2. Temporary Tunnel of Darkness

Photo from Netflix : Hi Bye, Mama Episode 2

                      Everyone passes through a tunnel of darkness in life. A long tunnel that makes you think that you will never see light again. But there are no tunnels without exit, there is no eternal love or eternal pain in the world.

True enough people go through tunnels that sometimes feel impossible to have a glimpse of the light. However, just as Gang Hwa said, no tunnel doesn’t have an exit. 

3. The Beauty of Life

Photo from Netflix : Hi Bye, Mama Episode 3

Perhaps the most beautiful thing we can feel in life is telling someone that we love them and thanking someone whom we’re thankful for. I realized it’s a great joy to give and that you end up feeling sorry if you always receive.

True enough, the most beautiful things in life cannot be seen through the naked eye or even felt through the bare hands – it must be felt and embraced through an open heart.

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4. Parent’s Pain

Photos from Netflix : Hi Bye, Mama Episode 4

A woman who lost her husband is called a widow. A man who lost his wife is called a widower. And a kid who lost his parent is called an orphan. But there’s no word for a parent who lost their kid.

No other caption needed for this quote. BRB *cries in Korean*

5. What Matters in Life

Photo from Netflix: Hi, Bye Mama Episode 6

They only realized what matters in life after they died.

Only when people lose something they will know its value. In life, many small things tend to be overlooked such as being able to open your eyes, eating meals with loved ones, the ray of sun shining upon the window, and many more. People think that those things are mundane and that it will always be available when in reality it’s not.

6. A Pilot’s Principle

Photos from Netflix: Hi, Bye Mama Episode 7

Since my beloved family isn’t in this world, I will fly up to them.

What a heart-melting message from pilot oppa! Ready your tissues (not for him LOL) when following the touching story of his family.

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7. People Who Can’t Say Goodbye

Photo from Netflix: Hi, Bye Mama Episode 8

Goodbyes hurt more as your get older and understand life better.

Time doesn’t make the wounds of the past vanish, it just heals it to a certain degree leaving a mark/scar to the person. Time may not be able to cure the wounds but it’s perfectly fine because these scars serve as a reminder of how perfectly imperfect humans are – vulnerable enough to crumble but strong enough to move forward.

8. People Who Can’t Say Goodbye pt. 2

Photos from Netflix: Hi, Bye Mama Episode 8

We could never possibly find a way to deal with goodbyes.

Where is the “good” in “goodbyes”?

9. Light Up

Photo from Netflix: Hi, Bye Mama Episode 8

And he started to light up again.

In life, the emptiness of broken heart will be filled by the new-found love. While lost inside the tunnel of darkness new-found love will light up the way. 

10. StepMOM

Photos from Netflix: Hi, Bye Mama Episode 10

All stepmoms in fairy tales are evil. Stepmoms are moms too.

In fairy tales, stepmothers are stereotyped as evil characters. However, in reality, a step mother’s life is no fairytale, just like biological mothers they radiate a mother’s tender, loving, care too!

11. Life’s Treasure

Photos from Netflix: Hi, Bye Mama Episode 11

If I have known the time given to us was this short, I would have treasured every insignificant moment.

“When we remember that we will die, the more we will live.”

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12. Regrets

Photos from Netflix: Hi, Bye Mama Episode 12

If we only did things we’d never regret, we’d be deities.

In life, some moments will pass before in a blink of an eye. Absurd moments, embarrassing moments, whatever type of moment it is, cherish it, and make the most out of it before it’s too late.

13. Bad Luck Blinker

Photos from Netflix: Hi, Bye Mama Episode 14

I wish there was an emergency blinker for the bad luck the suddenly drops in. I can’t avoid the pain that’s about to rush in but I can prepare myself.

Pain is inevitable, but will bad luck be less painful when people are notified beforehand?

14. My Life’s Tomorrow

Photos from Netflix: Hi, Bye Mama Episode 15

I had you when I was born, alive, and dead. You had always been mine.

A mother is indeed the daughter’s best friend. Shout out to all mothers out there, advance Happy Mother’s Day!

15. A Mother’s Wish

Photo from Netflix: Hi, Bye Mama Episode 16

The intensity of pain when losing a child is extreme, but the love will remain stronger than anything else.

16. Petals Fall but the Flower Endures

Photo from Netflix: Hi, Bye Mama Episode 16

Real death is being forgotten by the people you love. When you are remembered, then you continue to live on.

Written by: Pearline Joy Malogan Bayog
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