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6 Reasons to watch fantasy K-drama “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter”

If you want to take a break from watching thriller or too complicated dramas, Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter will calm and warm you.

This 16-episode 2018 Korean drama shows the life of a fairy named Ok Nam as she married the woodcutter who took her fairy clothes– it’s her only key to go back to the fairy realm; unfortunately, he wasn’t able to return it until his death. After 699 years of waiting, she met her husband’s two potential reincarnations; thus, followed them from Gyeryong Mountain to Seoul.

Will she be able to obtain her dress this time? What if she fails and needs to wait another couple of years?

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Despite its unpopular genre, we present to you the six reasons of why you should consider watching this!

1) Unexpected plot twist

For a webcomic-adapted drama, this showed more than I expected from a common folktale. You wouldn’t have imagined the life of each characters, the root of everything, and ITS FINALE which are beyond simple but still fit the genre. It’s actually good for it didn’t worry me about some sudden turn of events; hence, it let me appreciate each of them and the art of its story in every episode. Even if I failed from guessing who the right husband is, I still enjoyed it; no one has been left out for everyone got the happy ending that they deserve!

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2) Animal and eco-friendly

The presented animals in the drama are animated which gave me a relief as it avoids rights abused. With the simple art of animation and the view of nature getting its proper and rightful care surprisingly calmed me regardless of the little conflicts! It wasn’t shot in many places nor it was done in a luxurious way; however, I was lucky to witness the natural beauty of South Korea.

3) Short clips at the end of each episode

All of us surely formed some questions in our minds that we either thought are too basic for them to include or we assumed that it will be answered as we finished watching. Well, there are shows that fail to do so, thankfully, this drama found a way to insert it. One thing’s certain, it got me entertained. So, don’t try to miss these fun clips!

4) Characters’ personalities

I love how the characters are made especially that they all have their cheerful sides; the drama has no too cruel antagonists and has a plain development of individuality. Moon Chae Won did great acting as an old fairy considering her age gap from Go Doo Shim who played it amazingly with her. While Yoon Hyun Min (Jung Yi Hyun) and Seo Ji Hoon (Kim Geum) had an undeniably good friendship that some may get jealous of. The rest of the cast members didn’t get too much appearance but they all have a humorous part. In this kind of story where we expect nothing less or more, the actors and actresses definitely portrayed their roles to its satisfaction.

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5) Lessons

Below are some of the morals that I think will be worth encountering from this drama. Most importantly, it taught me an interesting thing– the connection between concious and subconscious mind shouldn’t be ignored; if one dominated the other, it’ll result to another trouble aside from failing to understand how you should work with your mind to respond upon your actual life.

  • Izy of Mizar showed the power of forgiving– forgive not to forget but to free yourself;
  • A true friend like Professor Jung to Mr. Geum (and vice versa) will never turn his back from you even with disoriented emotions;
  • Your strength starts from your family’s bond, to the point that even if it is lacking, it’s still something that completes you like what happened to Ok Nam’s;
  • Whether it is a vivid or unclear memory, both will be our own curse if we’ll keep relaying on it just like what Izy of Mizar and Ok Nam did;
  • It’s more frightening to get lost in the light than in the dark with someone to hold, so try to open yourself with what and who makes you comfortable. This is what Professor Jung did so he could find the answers for his nightmares and unfamiliar memories;
  • All the characters will teach you that if it’s still hard to show your true self; then, maybe the only thing you need to do is explore until you find the right place and people to accept you; and
  • We shouldn’t get ourselves blinded by how love personifies itself like what happened to Ok Nam because we might forget that love should be expressed and felt and not just simply exposed and spelled.
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6) OST

A drama wouldn’t be completed without official sound tracks which usually connect the viewers to the story. The songs that I listened here have a soothing and alive rhythm that made it one of the proofs that this show won’t stress you out.

Credits to captain panda; copyright from MNET, Stone Music Entertainment, and withHC

Not only K-dramas but the rest of the shows produced around the world have its distinction. Now, try checking Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter and you might know why I wasn’t disappointed with this drama!

Submitted by: Cyril V. Olaguera

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