Kim Myungsoo and Shin Ye Eun engage in an interview game with Marie Claire Korea

INFINITE’s Kim Myungsoo and Shin Ye Eun, the main casts of the upcoming KBS 2 TV drama Meow the Secret Boy, had been interviewed with Marie Claire Korea magazine through a game.

Unlike the usual interview, they tried something new by trying to guess each others’ answers in the particular question testing how well they know their drama partner.

It was a funny start when Myungsoo misinterpreted the question of cat or dog, and he answered the latter thinking they were being asked what each other resembles.

After Shin Ye Eun pointed out it was which of the two they liked, Myungsoo immediately made up for it by listing facts about Shin Ye Eun and her pet dogs. Ye Eun also made a mistake saying Myungsoo has two cats and he corrected her later on telling that he only has one named Byul.

Spicy or sweet? Ye Eun pointed it right that Myungsoo prefers sweet because spicy foods make his face swollen. However, Myungsoo picked spicy, a wrong guess for Ye Eun.

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He was confused saying, “But you said you like teobokkie, you ate it last night,” and started to tease her that her face bloated quite often. Later on, he covered his jokes that Ye Eun did not bloat at all and that she always looks great on the camera, causing her to cover her face and laugh shyly.

Introvert or extrovert? They chose extrovert for each other but they guessed wrong for they are both an introvert.

Shin Ye Eun doesn’t get along with many people and prefers to stay at home as well as Myungsoo that prefers to play with his cat and do the cleaning because he loves to clean.

Rainy or sunny day? Myungsoo chose rainy day for Ye Eun and Ye Eun chose sunny day for Myungsoo. Again, they were wrong in guessing each other’s preferences. This time, Myungsoo really wanted to make his answers right.

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City or countryside? They both chose city but Ye Eun only got it right. She said that Myungsoo likes city because he has a very nice house. While Myungsoo realized that Ye Eun loves vacation spots because of natural sceneries.

Bread, rice, or noodles? Myungsoo and Ye Eun debated three minutes over the right answer. Later on, Myungsoo chose bread for her and Ye Eun chose rice for him. And finally, they both got the correct answer!

Hot or cold? They correctly got the answer again that Shin Ye Eun prefers heat while Myungsoo prefers cold.

Optimistic or worried? The last question made Ye Eun incorrect by guessing that Myungsoo would be optimistic. On the other hand, Myung guessed it correctly that she looks more worried than an optimistic individual.

Moreover, they also had a photoshoot in the said magazine featuring its March 2020 edition.

Their upcoming drama, Meow the Secret Boy will be premiered on March 25 at 10 p.m. KST. It is a story of Hong Jo (Myungsoo), a cat who can transform into a man, and Kim Sol Ah (Shin Ye Eun), a woman who has puppy-like charms.

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So, in a scale of 1-10, how well did they know each other? Comment your thoughts, mga bes!

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