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Netflix’s ‘Kingdom’ is about Spilling Blood this New Season!

The much awaited second season is finally here!

Kingdom, a Netflix original series from South Korea is now back for its second season. The series is set during the Joseon era — which showcases South Korea’s rich history.

One thing that caught everyone’s attention was the popularity of the traditional Korean hat around the world.

The casts and creators were thrilled to share with everyone what they should anticipate on its much-awaited season!

Main stars Ju Ji Hoon (Crown Prince Lee Chang), Ryu Seung Ryeong (Cho Hak Ju), Bae Doona (Seobi), and Kim Sung Kyu (Yeong-Shin) together with creators, writer Kim Eun Hee, directors Park In-je and Kim Seong Hun delighted some of our questions (via video conference) on what we should expect for this new season!

Writer Kim Eun Hee emphasized that blood will spill this season, not only literal blood, but bloodline and lineage. We get to discover how Prince Lee Chang will make his move during the worsening plague condition.

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Ju Ji Hoon as Prince Lee Chang
Photo from Netflix

The creators also hinted us that the plague will be worse than ever, conflicts and trust issues with the characters arises as Cho Hak Ju continues his quest for power.


We asked Kim Eun Hee regarding her inspiration on how she gave birth to this script, she told us, “Ever since, I love zombies and I love history, so it is pretty essential to me to write this period piece with zombies in it. I also encounter challenges while writing this script since I was into writing modern-day crime stories. While writing this new season of Kingdom, I had to remind myself that this is a historical project and I have to remind myself that back then, there was no technology.”

The lead stars were all excited to share with everyone this new season they’ve worked on with the continued story from the first season. All casts left messages thanking the viewers around the globe with their unending love and support.

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Have you watched the latest season bes? Share us your thoughts! Yes, we are also surprised with Jun Ji Hyun’s cameo!

We are hoping for Season 3!

Stream Kingdom Season 2 via Netflix apps or stream it via their site here.

All photos came from Netflix.

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