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K-Movie Recommendation: Secretly, Greatly

“It doesn’t matter who you were or what you have done before. What matters is who you are now.”

– Ko Young Gam

As Crash Landing On You comes to an end, this movie will definitely be worth your while. In one of the episodes of ‘Crash Landing on You’, a cameo led me to this movie.

Secretly, Greatly is a story of a North Korean soldier who is part of a special task force to spy on South Korean territory. Won Ryu Hwan/Bang Dong Gu (Kim Soo Hyun) acts as a dumb person to keep his real identity.

Won Ryu Hwan/Bang Dong Gu lives with an old lady with a son who is studying to become a policeman. In addition, he knows everything that happens in his small neighborhood and the townspeople’s routines. He dedicated his life for his comrades. But after a while, he starts to think that he is forgotten because no one has contacted him to do anything particular or anything related to his real identity.

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After some time, one by one his comrades from North Korea start to show up. Lee Hae Rang (Park Ki Woong), who trained with Bang Dong Gu, arrives at the neighborhood as an undercover musician. He was followed by Ri Hae Jin (Lee Hyun Woo) who came to South Korea with a job. After doing his duties, he goes to find Dong Gu’s whereabouts. With his training still intact, his way of thinking is different from Dong Gu. But as time passes by, he soon realizes why Bang Dong Gu did the things he does.

The three undercover agents had their own way to avoid the people in Bang Dong-Gu’s neighborhood and hide their identities. Things get complicated when they receive a message to abort the mission and commit suicide to end their service to the country. But the three of them did not do what they were asked to do.

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In Bang Dong Gu’s case, before he dies he wanted to know if his mother will be taken care of. He also wanted to talk to their leader and find out about the reason why it had to end up that way.

My Thoughts

I fell in love with Bang Dong Gu’s character instantly. Bravo to Kim Soo Hyun for doing a great job His acting skills are on point. You will love him when his all smiles and cuddly but he can also look like a scary gangster ready to kill. I watched this movie in while waiting for the next episode of Crash Landing On You and I am so glad I did. I realized that people can change. It will just depend on the environment they’re in for the kind of change that they will adapt.

This is an action-filled movie. I loved the part where the Dong Gu, Ki Woong, and Hyun Woo become friends again and start dreaming. I also like how they laugh and joke like they are not soldiers who underwent special training. In times of need, their hidden skills come out naturally to protect themselves against those who betray and those who want to kill them.

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If you love Crash Landing On You, this one is for you. You’ll definitely love Kim Soo Hyun here.

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