Have you ever experienced Second Lead Syndrome?

*Alexa, play A Love So Beautiful Main OST*

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The first semester in college was really hard and a lot of things happened beyond all my expectations.

Harder lessons were given, countless activities were given too, and it is really a time where you can say, “Iba na talaga pag college ka!”

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*me as kim bok joo, my always spirit animal*

It was very different from High School, where I could get to watch KDramas all night long without sacrificing at least some of my takehomes, listen to OSTs and put on my “drama” acting skills, and even write articles for AO.

This Christmas break, I promised to reward myself some good dramas to watch, and scrolling through my Netflix homepage, “A Love So Beautiful” appeared as a recommendation.

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Yup, I know what you’re thinking! “OMG, that’s so 2017!” Well, I guess. I really did not give it a chance before, and because of great boredom, I tried to watch it, and now, I can’t get over it.

I immediately fell in love with Jiang Chen with his charming looks and not-so-typical attitude. A dream guy indeed, brains and beauty combined!

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Yet, Wu Bosong, the show’s Second Lead, mostly captured my heart with his killer smile, tan skin, and just his lovey-dovey attitude. His efforts to Chen Xiaoxi was every person’s dream, and I couldn’t resist!

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I started questioning myself, and yes! This is not so new, I’ve been afflicted (again) with Second Lead Syndrome.

I don’t know what’s with the Second Leads that makes me fall for them even more than the Main Cast. Maybe the looks? Their charm? Or just completely their character utmost?

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Wu Bosong’s smile can easily melt girls’ hearts. No wonder his fans can’t stop following him after his matches. I, myself, can’t contain myself if I imagine his character.

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Or maybe his attitude? When Chen Xiaoxi asked for snow, he gave her snow. He makes sure she’s always okay and full, and when Xiaoxi’s just sad, he makes his best to make her smile.

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I guess these characteristics of Bo Song is very similar to all our Second Lead crushes in the drama world. Yet in the end, they are the ones who are being left out, AND WE CAN’T RESIST TO WISH TO JUST BE ON HIS SIDE TO COMFORT HIM AND MAKE HIM REALIZE THAT YOU HAVE HIM!

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The question now, what really is Second Lead Syndrome?

Second Lead Syndrome has become a slang for drama fans all over the world, which pertains to their somewhat obsession to the Second Lead of the drama.

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The Second Lead Syndrome happens when drama watcher prefers the female lead to end up with the second male lead than the male lead.

It has always been the format (I guess) of most dramas, wherein the Main Lead has always been the snobbish, angst, not-so-good guy and only cares about themselves.

Meanwhile, Second Leads are those who are soft person, helpful, knight-in-shining-armor type of guys who will save you in times of trouble.

They are always linked with Female Main Leads which makes a drama more exciting.

What I cay say, Second Lead Syndrome has these symptoms:

  • When you keep smiling because the Second Lead keeps interfering with the Female Main Lead.
  • When you find Second Leads cute when they do act crazy just to make people happy.
  • You also feel sad when Second Lead is sad and it makes you cry all the time.
  • You finish the drama completely angry for the Male Lead just because of your OTP never make it.
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I can still remember Choi Siwon as my first Second Lead I fell in love with, in his drama She Was Pretty.

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I want to at least comfort him, but the least I can do is to pause the video, cry for a moment and get tissues to cry on.

Urban Dictionary’s top definition for SLS or Second Lead Syndrome is…

Wanting so desperately for the lead actress of a drama to end up with the better guy, but you always know that she is going to end up with the lead bad guy in the end. Usually goes with the feelings of either wanting to curl up and cry over your ramen, knock someone’s teeth in or both.

…which I can agree with.

This Christmas break, I’m up for more dramas to watch, and I’ll definitely have more Chinese dramas — there’s more in the roster.

Who are your most kept Second Lead Oppas? Share it with me in the comment sections below!

P.S. I hate you, Li Wei!

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