READ: An Open Letter To All of Our Fandom Friends Who Stood By Us This Year

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being alone? When you feel like you have no one to talk to about the stress from work or personal life? Sometimes, even our real life friends doesn’t understand what we’re going through. Surprisingly, our fandom friends does.

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To all of my fandom friends, this is dedicated to all of you who stood by me throughout this year.

First of all, I would like to deeply apologize for all of my kadramahan especially when it comes to my ultimates. Thank you for listening to all of my fangirling feels and my true-to-life drama. Thank you for understanding my weaknesses both as a friend and a fangirl. I never imagined anyone who will understand me like you do. Thank you for always lending your shoulders whenever I need one to lean on, to cry on and even to make hampas whenever our biases or ultimates did something really cheesy. Thank you for letting me experienced to explore our second home and feel that I can do something better to represent our feels. Thank you for the trust that you gave to me. Thank you for the time that we’ve spent on fan gatherings that we’ve been to this year. Thank you for being the reason why I stayed in this unenvironmentally friendly world. Thank you for always keeping me updated in the best way that you can. Thank you for all of those late night talks about our ultimates. Thank you for always sending me your song recommendations. Thank you for always tagging me on your updates and related posts. Thank you for simply being honest whenever I made a mistake that can cause a misunderstanding. Thank you for all the photos and cheer up messages that you sent just to cheer me up whenever you see my cryptic facebook status. Thank you for being there for me whenever there’s a sad news and for convincing me that we’re gonna get through this. Thank you for listening to my delulu moments and for making me believe that nothing is impossible in this world.

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All of these Thank you messages aren’t enough to express how thankful I am for everything that we’ve been through.

Always remember that I am here for you as a true friend and as your fandom friend. 🥂❤

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