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Who is Brian?: Getting to know Young K of DAY6 #HappyYoungKDay

Last November 23, the South Korean band DAY6 held their second concert here in Manila as part of their world tour entitled, Gravity. One of it’s members, Young K, also known as Kang Younghyun or Brian Kang (English name) is celebrating his 27th (Korean age) birthday today!

Who is Young K? Here are the 7 basic things to know about this talented guy!

1. He plays the bass.

The band will never be complete without the bass. Just so you know, when they were in their training, he was the one who plays the guitar. However, Jae came in then Young K changed his instrument to bass. I think it was really a blessing in disguise, right? Because bass really suits him! He also named his bass as Goldie, Lisa, Jane, and Tyson.

2. He’s one of the vocalists.

DAY6 is basically has five vocalists, yes, including Dowoon. And Young K’s voice is known of its high-range, powerful, and falsetto. It’s time to appreciate Young K’s vocals! Watch here:

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3. He’s also the main rapper of the band.

Aside from being a vocalist and playing bass, he also raps! He was part of the rapping team with GOT7 Mark and Jackson on the 4th episode of WIN: Who Is Next against the combined Team A and Team B.

4. The band’s songwriter.

DAY6 is known of their self-composed songs, and majority of it were written only by Young K. Moreover, some of their songs were written or co-written by the other members or producers. You Were Beautiful, I Loved You, and I Like You are some of his masterpieces. Cleanse your ears with this beautiful song written by Young K. Watch here:

5. He dances too!

Yes, you read it right! Young K can dance! Did you know that Young K and his co-member Wonpil, was supposed to debut in a dance group along with GOT7 members?

Here’s Young K’s legendary Math dance!

6. One of the English speakers of DAY6.

Aside from Jae, Young K can speak English fluently as well. He lived and took his high school education in Toronto, Canada for 4 years. And according to him, he learned the language by watching Shrek countless times!

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7. He’s already a degree holder!

Being a successful KPOP idol is a dream come true but having a college diploma at the same time is indeed a great achievement that everyone can be proud of. Young K took Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Administration in Dongguk University and graduated last August 2018. Their band’s schedules, comeback, and concerts is not a reason for him to stop studying. He did a good time management and balance to his work and studies. 

Did Young K inspire you and touch your heart? Aside from his good-looking visual, Young K is simply a multi-talented genius who can do anything. He’s the best example of #HowToBeYou and #SanaAll right?

But when you think that Young K is perfect, always remember this line, 

“I think it’s almost impossible to be perfect. But I think that imperfection is the perfection of a human being.”

– Day6’s Young K, 2019

Written By: Chan Elipunt

Edited By: Jess Unnie (Annyeong Oppa)

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