Squid Game actress, Jung Hoyeon, successfull held her first fan meeting in the Philippines last November 11 at the New Frontier Theater.

Image Source: Wilbros Live

Jung Hoyeon started her career as a freelance model in 2010, spending two years walking in shows at Seoul Fashion Week. In 2021, she made her television debut as Kang Saebyeok in the Netflix series Squid Game, which became the show’s breakout success and garnered her widespread media recognition.

IAM Worldwide is keen on rapidly growing its business operations and market reach. The company claims that it is eager to welcome its newest brand ambassador and that it is prepared for greater things. And as of last March 2022, Jung Hoyeon was named as IAM Worldwide’s newest brand ambassador.

Image Source: IAM Worldwide

In addition, as the newest IAM Worldwide ambassador, she will visit the Philippines for the ‘Jung Hoyeon Fun Meet in Manila.’ Which will be her first fan meeting and will be presented by Wilbros Live.

Media Conference with Jung Hoyeon

IAM Worldwide held an exclusive press conference for Hoyeon prior to her fan meeting on November 11th, which various media outlets attended and was hosted by Sam Oh.

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She said that she doesn’t yet have a specific location in mind when asked where she would travel to for a vacation in the Philippines. And if she would be given a chance to take a break, she wants to do nothing, lie on the sand, look at the sky, get on a boat, and get onto the water, and really do nothing because she really need a break right now.

With her character in Squid Game, Kang Saebyeok, the idea that Saebyeok had to travel to other country where she had not grown up and work to support herself was the experience that she considered to be more relatable.

She currently has a lot of projects, including the Netflix Series ‘Chicken Gangjeong,’ the Hollywood film ‘The Governesses,’ and the Apple Series ‘Disclaimer.’

Being IAM Worldwide Ambassador

When we asked her on how it feels to be chosen to be a promoter of IAM Worldwide, she said that her acting career took off following the breakthrough and success of ‘Squid Game.’

Hoyeon’s popularity on social media grew rapidly, wherein she eventually became the most followed Korean actress on Instagram. She even said that the majority of her followers are Filipinos and that she would dearly love to visit the country to meet them all.

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Fun Meet with Hoyeon and her Filipino Fans

Later that day, after her press conference, the fun meet started with the game ‘Tug of War,’ which lucky fans participated in. The winning team then had the chance to participate in a photo opportunity with Hoyeon following the show.

Following the mini-game, Jung Hoyeon showed up on stage in a gorgeous white Filipiniana dress!

Stylist of Jung Hoyeon

Hoyeon responded to a series of questions from the audience in the first segment, ‘Just Hear You.’ She also mentioned how the popularity of Squid Game provided her the insight that it would open many possibilities for her.

“I didn’t expect this. I really didn’t expect that the show will be successful.”Jung Hoyeon

The audience was asked to participate in a game called ‘The Speed Fame,’ where they used their phones to answer questions about the actress in Kahoot. And the three lucky winners got a photo opportunity with Hoyeon.

The next segment, titled ‘Bring It Yeon,’ included videos that were played on a big screen as the actress later provided her opinions on each one. Hoyeon also had to decide between two options that came on the screen during the ‘Jung One and Only’ segment.

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Two lucky fans were picked to ask Jung Hoyeon a question about her job, career, family, or life generally during the last segment, ‘Yeon-boseyo.’

It’s really a fun meet with Jung Hoyeon!

Jung Hoyeon Fun Meet in Manila was brought to us by IAM Worldwide and Wilbros Live. Congratulations to the entire team and production for making this event a success!

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