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Here’s How You Can Enter South Korea Visa-Free

A lot of Filipino travelers has been visiting South Korea since the trend of Korean Dramas, Music, and Fashion. Due to the influx of tourists, the Korean Embassy updated the visa application for those who wants to visit South Korea.

There’s a good news for Filipinos who wants to visit South Korea though! You can enter the country visa-free with the following conditions:

(1) Tourists in transit to third countries

Nationals of countries, except for 24 excluded one are welcome to enter Korea. Individuals who hold a US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand visa are also welcomed to visit Korea visa-free. To those who hold a European visa to one of the 30 European countries can also enter Korea with no visa.

Conditions: They need to present a return ticket in 30 days upon arrival. They also must not have a criminal record.

(2) Foreign Transfer Passengers

This is applicable for passengers who’ll be transferring from Incheon. They are allowed to enter Korea through “Transit Tourist Program.”

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Conditions: Qualified applicants are given 72 hours to enter Korea.

(3) Via Jeju Area

Jeju Area offers a visa-free for any nationality except the 24 countries:

Ghana, Nigeria, Republic Of Kosovo, Macedonia, Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Palestine, Yemen , Egypt, Gambia, Senegal, Bangladesh, Kyrgyz, Pakistan, Somalia, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Cameroon, Sri lanka, and Myanmar

Toursits who’ll visit Jeju from their departing country can enjoy 30 days of visa free in the said area.

Conditions: Their flight ticket must be a direct flight to Jeju Island.

So are you planning to visit South Korea soon bes? Make sure to check if you are eligible to enter the country visa-free!

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We hope we can help you on your visit, bes!

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