“Unique Mun Chef!” another drama to look forward to on 2020

A new drama from Channel A will be released on March of next year. The title is “Unique Moon Chef!” (literal title translation), a rom-com drama. 

The drama will revolve on Moon Seungmo (played by Eric), a star Korean pop-up restaurant chef and Yoo Bella 
(played by Go Wonhee), a world-renowned fashion designer who lost her memory. 

Eric, who will be back to acting after 4 years, is known for his excellent cooking skills, already promised the birth of a highly synchronized life character. 

Wonhee, is expected to have her own outstanding acting skills in the upcoming drama. She has been receiving attention for her unique acting.

Watch Eric in his drama, “Another Oh Haeyoung”, and Wonhee on her dramas, “Welcome to Waikiki and “Perfume”.

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