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New KDrama Alert : Failing In Love

***Spoiler Alert****

Failing In love or Attempted Romance is web series by MBC. This drama talks about unspoken or hidden friendships and feelings. The story revolves around a guy named Kang Pa Rang (Son Sang Yeon), a hopeless romantic guy who’s afraid of being alone but always gets dumped. And a girl named Lee Shi Won (Yang Hye Ji), a girl who understood Kang Pa Rang and have feelings for him.

After asking almost all of the girl in school but still have no luck. He decided to ask his neighbor, and friend Lee Shi Won who he knew had a long time crush on him. Unexpectedly, he was turned down and awkwardness started as he tries to avoid her. He became tired of hiding and running away from her that he decided to seek for advice from one of his long time male friend Kim Geon (Jo Ki Sung) on what to do with Lee Shi Won. The two decided to remove the awkwardness between them by having Kang Pa Rang and Lee Shi Won agreed to remain as friends. Unfortunately, Kim Geon misunderstood him, instead of sending Lee Shi Won he sent Lee Shi Eon (Shin Yoon Seop) their other male friend who they usually call as a Pychopath.

Find out if Kang Pa Rang would be able to find the relationship. he’s been looking for? Would there be a chance for a confession of feelings? Would they be able to understand Lee Shi Eon? Is there a reason for such a tough facade that Lee Shi Won is keeping? Would Kang Pa Rang be able to find the right reasons for him to be in a relationship? Let’s all find out together as we watch future their episodes.

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