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DARAGON: Reel or Real? Here’s What We Think!

If you identify yourself as a YG Stan or a fan of the YG Artists, you must at some point, came across DARAGON. It is a loveteam made for BIGBANG’S G-Dragon and 2NE1’s Sandara Park.

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This rumor has been going on for years already! Fans are still not giving up for this ship to sail since the two are still single! And since we are fangirls, I decided to re-read some articles and find evidences to prove if Daragon is real!

Wearing of matchy clothes

Most couples sends out signs that they are in a relationship due to their matching fashion items. Dara and GD are spotted to share a good amount of fashionable items. (1) Most items that looked like a couple-match were shirts, shoes, and even belts!

Image result for daragon matchy clothes
Image result for daragon matchy clothes
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G-Dragon “protected” Dara after BIGBANG’s concert

It is not a new thing anymore for YG artists to support and attend their fellow YG artists’ concerts. During BIGBANG‘s 10th anniversary, they held their concert in Seoul in which, Dara has attended! The thing is, the two made headlines for this one specific photo:

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Of course, you’ll thought, who’s this girl GD’s hiding? Later on, it was revealed that it was 2NE1’s Dara. YG Entertainment released a statement saying that G-Dragon asked Dara to do that pose to prank their fans! Most fans laughed after their “explanation” though!

M.O.T.T.E in Manila

G-Dragon is known for his angst and over-confident vibe whenever he’s on stage. However, he revealed that he’s the type of person who easily gets shy whene he is not on stage. During his M.O.T.T.E tour here in Manila, most fans witnessed how G-Dragon became so shy and goofy when Dara was around! Totally the opposite of his G-Dragon mood!

Who wouldn’t forget Dara’s iconic line, “I miss this stage, I miss this mic, and I miss you!” (Hahaha yung kilig ko dito mga bes!)

Endless teasing from their Celebrity Friends

Whether for publicity purposes or not, Dara and G-Dragon couldn’t escape being teased by their fellow celebrity friends. The teasing started when Dara revealed that G-Dragon is her ideal type in an interview.

The two was then teased later on by their friends in Korea and by Dara’s Filipino friends! You can watch some of them below:

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They like to hangout with each other

There has been numerous photos of G-Dragon and Dara spotted attending different events together with their label mates. Though, most fans speculates that their label mates were also aware of their relationship helping them cover it up for the media. (lol)

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True feelings revealed

Despite the long rumors and questioning if they were dating, the two repeatedly clarified that they are just close friends and treat each other like family. G-Dragon has been linked to Japanese models, Kiko Mizuhara and Nana Komatsu so most fans were convinced that Dara and G-Dragon were just close friends.

In an interview, Dara also clarified that she only sees G-Dragon as family. (1) G-Dragon on the other hand, admitted that he thinks Dara is pretty. (1) But saying that someone is pretty doesn’t mean they are dating right?

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Final Thoughts

Truth is, it is really hard to leave a specific answer of their current relationship status. However, what we can give you right now are three possibilities about their relationship:

  1. At some point, they dated. Probably during their early years, when dating issues weren’t that big. Their relationship *might* ended when BIGBANG rose to fame and they weren’t able to meet each other. A
  2. They are currently dating. The type of relationship they had would be an on-and-off one due to G-Dragon’s different dating issues. But at present, they learned from each other and took care of their relationship maturely. The two might be just waiting for the right time when to spill the beans!
  3. Just family-tight type of close friends. The two didn’t date at all. They just grew close with each other and became comfortable due to the long years of working together.

Probably the people who knows the real score between them would be the family and group of friends whom they truly trust!

Ikaw bes, what do you think? Is DARAGON real or are you wishing it…to…be…real?😉

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  1. The “bestest thing ever” line and Dara hiding him in her vlogs (no behind the scenes or candid moments offstage) made me convinced that it’s not platonic. If they’re just friends, GD won’t feel awkward like a lovesick kid and Dara will not hesitate to show him on her vlogs like a normal friend or co-worker.

    During the MOTTE Manila concert, I think GD was ready to reveal they’re officially dating…since it’s the “Moment of Truth”, but Dara? Not yet. I understand her coz maybe she thinks like me…she doesn’t want to jinx their relationship so she wants it to remain private until she’s set to marry.

    I’m new to Daragon and maybe it’s best that they remain silent but happy together than telling the world but only pretending to be a couple (just to be newsworthy).

  2. If the text on the video where the members are teasing is correct, era moreugetda is actually not polite, like “I don’t give a damn”.. I can’t hear the next word distinctly though.. maybe the whole thing is wordplay. Not sure what to make of it? They’re teasing him but it sounds rude somehow.. only someone Korean would understand I guess…if anyone still comments here.

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