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SF9 UNIXERSE Sample Setlist

Philippine Fantasy are you excited to hear SF9 Live?

We have made a list of the possible songs they might perform on their concert here in Manila. We based it on the setlist that SF9 performed on their concert in Seoul last Aug 10, 2019.

We have set it up on Spotify as Playlist.

Sample Setlist :

1. RPM
2. Now or Never
3. Fanfare


4. Fall In Love
5. Go Back in Time
6. O Sole Mio


7. Youngbin – Sic Parvis Magna

8. Dawon – Bad Guy (Billie Ellish)
9. Jaeyoon – My Ocean (Jeong Sewoon)
10. Zuho – Champaign (Prod. Zuho New Version)

11. Midnight Road
12. Enough


13. Round and Round
14. Let’s Hang Out/ Mamma Mia (Mash Up)
15. Photograph


16. Rowoon – Sunny Days, Summer Nights (Sam Kim)
17. Hwiyoung – 눈 (Snow)

18. Taeyang – Stole (Prod Taeyang)

19. Chani – Destiny (Prod Zuho)

20. Dreamer
21. Jungle Game
22. Play Hard


23. Unlimited
24. See U Tomorrow
25. Life is so Beautiful


26. The Beat Goes On
27. Echo


28. Beautiful Light (Not Yet Released)

29. Encore : Echo

*Note : Some of the songs are not on Spotify. Some are found on Soundcloud while the others are on Fancams on the concert.

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Are you excited to hear them sing all of this songs Live?

Let us know which song is your favorite and why? 😁

You can see and hear them live when they come here in Manila on NOVEMBER 16, 2019 at the New Frontier Theater

Hurry Grab a Ticket now!!

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