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Getting Closer with SF9!!!

SF9 (Short name for Sensational Feeling 9) is the first South Korean KPop BoyBand that FNC Entertainment handled. Before making their debut on October 5, 2016 with their first single album, Feeling Sensational. They participated in a survival show Dance or Band. They competed against Neoz Band (Later known as Honeyst). They ended uo winning the show with their first song K.O. which was featured in their first single album.

Let’s Get to know each of the members of SF9 :

Kim Youngbin

  • Leader
  • Stage Name : Youngbin
  • Main Dancer, Lead Rapper
  • Birthday : November 23, 1993
  • Known as Father of the group.
  • Loves Skinship, hugs members a lot.

Yoo TaeYang

  • Stage Name : TaeYang
  • Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer
  • Birthday : February 28, 1997
  • He has talent for dancing to any kind of music (Weekly Idol EP 302)
  • Does a lot of covers, either through dance or singing.

Lee Sanghyuk

  • Stage Name : Dawon
  • Lead Vocalist
  • Birthday : July 24, 1995
  • Acted on the Web Series “Click Your Heart” produced by FNC Entertainment and played the role as the top student.
  • He was the male lead on AOA Cream’s “I’m Jelly Baby”
  • Does imitation of IKON’s B.I, Jo Insung
  • He has talent for Variety Shows that gave him the name Variety King

Kim Youngkyun

  • Stage Name : Hwiyoung
  • Rapper, Vocalists
  • Birthday : May 11, 1999
  • Has a Heavenly Gummy Smile
  • Very Calm person.
  • He participated in “High School Rapper Season 2″

Kim Seokwoo

  • Stage Name : Rowoon
  • Main vocalist, Visual, Center
  • Birthday : August 7, 1996
  • He is good in cooking
  • Acted on several Kdramas Including School 2017, About Time, Where Stars Land, and the ongoing Drama Extraordinary You
  • He also guested in the “Lipstick Prince
  • He also acted in the web series produced by FNC Entertainment called “Click Your Heart”

Kang Chan Hee

  • Stage Name : Chani
  • Vocalist, Main Dancer, Rapper, and Maknae
  • Birthday : January 17, 2000
  • He can be seen in the following Dramas Can You Hear my Heart, Heavens Garden, The innocent Man, To the Beautiful You, The Queens Classroom, Hwajung, Signal, and Sky Castle
  • He also acted in these Movies Familyhood, The King’s Case Note.
  • He was also in the web series that was produced by FNC Entertainment called “Click Your Heart”

Kim Inseong

  • Stage Name : Inseong
  • Main Vocalist, Oldest Member
  • Birthday : July 12, 1993
  • Can Speak English well
  • Appeared on the Drama 20th Century Boys and Girls
  • Smartest or the Brain Member (Guesthouse Daughters)
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Lee Jaeyoon

  • Stage Name : Jaeyoon
  • Lead Vocalist
  • Birthday : August 9, 1994
  • He loves making Jokes
  • He is an OST singer. Sang Girls Generation 1979 pt1, Thank You, My Love (My Only Love Song)
  • Knows a lot of girl group dances (Weekly Idol EP. 302)

Baek Juho

  • Stage Name : Zuho
  • Main Rapper
  • Birthday : July 4, 1996
  • His Idol and Mentor is BTS Suga. They usually talks about creating music.
  • He has his own soundcloud where he post his music.
  • Appears in the web series “Click Your Heart”

These are just few info on the group. 😊

You can see them live when they come here in Manila on NOVEMBER 16, 2019 at the New Frontier Theater

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