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Zico got me THINKING, am I HUMAN?

Yep, Zico is back with Part 1 of his solo album entitled, Thinking which has 11 tracks. The track list was posted on his Instagram account but it only showed the title of 5 songs. The rest of the songs are intentionally covered.

Zico whose real name is Woo Ji Ho was born on September 14, 1992. He is a South Korean Rapper, producer, singer-songwriter. He also a member of the boy group Block B.

Yesterday, September 30, 2019 he released two songs from the said album.

One of the song is entitled Thinking and the other one is called Human (English titles). Both songs were released under 1theK and his own company KOZ Entertainment (KOZ stands for King of the Zungle).

Thinking has the Zico signature. The song is a collaboration of rappers  featuring Jvcki Wai and YUMDDA. The sound and playful MV that includes  mascots reminds me of Zico’s previous MVs, especially the one with IU. It also highlights his unique rapping and husky like sound voice that we all know. The song is playful and light. It gives off a laid-back and chill vibe.

On the other hand, Human is the opposite of Thinking. Even the color of his hair is different. If Thinking shows him having blonde hair, Human shows his darker brown hair making him look more serious just like what the vibe of the song gives.

Both songs are released at the same time, but each has their own beauty. Human is somewhat more on a serious mood.  I love how he made it into a ballad-rap song and how the melody goes with the MV. It is a simple video yet, it holds a deep meaning. I’m a lyrics type of person, and some of the lyrics of this song got me.

Here are two of my favorite part of the lyrics

“If my whole life ends today, Where can I turn my steps? By reason of feeling awkward, I put off saying I Love You.”

Sometimes we think we have all the time in the world only to find out that it had already passed. We put off the words that we want to say until we can no longer say it anymore. Don’t waste time, let the people you love know that you love them. Apologize to the people you have hurt. Finally, live life without regrets.

The second part of the lyrics that I love is:

“We’re the same, We’re the same people.
Are you happy? Are you sad?
Why is it so hard to be loved.”

We are all the same and yet so different. The meaning of the lyrics depends on its reader. The interpretation lies on how we love ourselves and how we let people come into our lives.

All in all, these two songs are great. I hope I get to hear the rest of his tracks. Sadly, it’s not yet on Spotify.

But for now, what do you think of Zico’s new songs?

I would really love to hear your thoughts.

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