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ICYMI: Ji Chang Wook Appreciates the Food Truck Sent by Ji Chang Wook Ph+ Posted it via Instagram Story

Filipino fans of South Korea’s hallyu star Ji Chang Wook is screaming with so much joy and kilig!

On September 19, the actor took to his instagram story, a photo of the food truck sent by Ji Chang Wook Ph on set of Melting Me Softly.

Ji Chang Wook Ph is the official fan club of the actor in the Philippines. Known for being active in every projects and events they prepare and organize for Ji Chang Wook.

Check out the screenshots from Wook’s IG story:

The actor expresses his thankfulness to his Filipino fans most specially to Ji Chang Wook Ph members who never ceased to give their endless support for him. He wrote a simple “Thanks” with a heart emoji which made his fans scream with happiness.

This foodtruck surprise project is made possible with the help of Dayrock. A large Ji Chang Wook fanbase in Korea.

Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook’s upcoming drama Melting Me Softly is set to air on September 28.

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