LOOK: Is Ji Chang Wook the Next Global Bench Setter?

Is Ji Chang Wook the next Global Bench Setter? That question comes into our mind when Mr. Ben Chan of Bench posted a photo of him with Ji Chang Wook’s mural in Seoul, South Korea.

On July 10, Bench CEO posted it on his personal instagram account with a caption; “Meet my new friend #JCW.” Fans were imersed with the post and started to speculate that Ji Chang Wook might be the next Global Bench Setter.

See Mr. Ben Chan post here:

Prior to date, Ji Chang Wook confirmed his first drama comeback since military discharged titled Let Me Melt.

Filipinos are really hoping that Bench will bring Ji Chang Wook in the Philippines (baka naman po, please!).

Stay tuned for more updates and start the iponing na mga bes! Just in case.

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