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K-movie recommendation: “The Flu”

If you're looking for a great movie to watch where you can learn a lot from, get thrilled, and a worthy of your time; then, "The Flu" is the best choice for you. Lessons, acting skills, cinematography, a Filipino pride here, and there's Ma Dong Seok as well!

The Flu is a 2013 South Korean movie with a genre of disaster, thriller, and medical. It stars Soo Ae, Jang Hyuk, and Park Min Ha.

The film follows the story of an outbreak of H5N1, a deadly virus which can kill an infected person within 36 hours. It spreads in the city of Bundang, a place near Seoul, where almost half a million of citizens are living.

It started when immigrants are smuggled inside a shipping container; wherein, one person is carrying the said virus. Upon the arrival in Seoul, two smugglers opened the container, finding dead immigrants inside except for one. Then, the smugglers will get the said person out of that container.

My thoughts

I was just looking for something to watch online when The Flu flashed on my screen. After eating dinner with my family, I decided to watch the mentioned movie.

I must say that this film is one of the best pieces of South Korea which you should give a shot now. I was amazed by how it started— the cinematography, storyline, and acting skills of the actors and actresses are beyond being “great.” The beginning isn’t a bit much but it isn’t lame as well; however, it will surely hook you the way it did to me.

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Moreover, I would like to praise how they built the character of the main leads from the start; there’s Jang Hyuk as Ji Goo. He is a fire fighter who is so passionate on his work to save people and even animals’ lives. Then, there’s Soo Ae as In Hae, a mysterious doctor but a strong single parent. She has a daughter named Mi Reu, played by Park Minha. I really like the kid; she is bright, smart, and dependable. She understands well why her mother needs to be out of the house, fulfilling her duties as a doctor.

Additionally, it is not just the main leads who really did great in this film but also the supporting actors and actresses. You should look forward to the Filipino who played the role of Monssai in this movie. He definitely showed a great acting skill here!

Aside from that, what I also like about The Flu is the cinematography as I stated above. I couldn’t get a hold of my emotions, I actually shouted few times and even gave comments while watching. Again, the cinematography is just so great that my emotions are all over the place. Everything looks so real; look for yourself.

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Next, the way how people reacted to the virus outbreak is somehow realistic. There are those who panic, can’t help themselves but to save their own lives, as there’s also those who badly want to protect their loved ones, to showing selfishness, greedy, but there’s also generosity, kindness, and so on. It was like riding a roller coaster of emotions watching those scenes but it taught me a lot of things. I’ll list few of those life lessons I learned:

  • We shouldn’t give up in any situation as there will surely be the right solutions. Hope. Believe;
  • Team work is really important;
  • Listen to doctors and to those who know the situation better;
  • Think critically and prevent ourselves from any panic;
  • There might be selfish people but we need to understand them because they also have reasons. However, as much as we can, we shouldn’t let selfishness reigns us;
  • In this world, there are still good people, and it’s better if we’ll learn from them; and
  • A child’s cry is so powerful. Listen. Watch carefully.
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Just a reminder, Ma Dong Seok’s character here might really get into your nerves. Remember him from Train To Busan?

What’s more?

The last 30 minutes of The Flu really gave me goose bumps. It totally reached my heart. I like how most of the people here showed team work; next, Ji Goo still carrying out his so called duty to “save and help others” until the end; then, the bravery of frontliners; followed by the unrequited love of parents; subsequently, the amazing courage shown by the president here as he chose to protect his citizens despite the situation he’s in; finally, the character development of some.

I can say that the flow of the story and how they inserted the twists are good. It really complimented each other giving the viewers a satisfying film. Great job to the actors, production team, and all staff of The Flu!

Another friendly reminder, watch the movie until the end. Don’t miss any scene.

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