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#FanConfessions: When I Flew with N.Flying and Stayed ‘Up All Night’

Last September 1, 2019, N.Flying came back here in Manila for the second time around. This time they had the stage on their own. Of all the concerts that I’ve been to, this one has the tightest security there is. Video taking, may it be through cameras, go pro or cellphones are prohibited. Yes, they went old school. I have few clips and when I say few, it’s really few.

Being an Eonnie or Noona, [Mianhe, but I am not yet ready to call myself an ajhumma], I have experienced old school concerts namely Parokya ni Edgar, Freestyle, Side A and so on and so fort. During my college days when concert tickets costs 350 php to 500 php and only few people own mobile devices and if they do it does not have cameras that take great pictures like today. During that time, having a camera is rare because it was expensive and you still have to buy films. You only have your memory to remember what happened during that time.

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You only have your brain to capture and save the moment. That’s exactly what happened to me, a nostalgic memorable experience. It has been days since that experience and yet every day was still fresh in my mind. I can still feel my body moving as I listen to their songs on spotify [Up All Night Manila Setlist w/o Queen Medley]. I can still hear the happy shouts of N.Fias and the melody that we have created with N.Flying. I remember how they started full of energy with Up All Night, and how emotional we felt when we heard Rooftop which started with Lee SeungHyub’s solemn keyboard playing. That guitar riff made by Cha Hoon during Queen medley that N.Fias just needed to hear again.

How Jaehyun’s drumbeats sounds like the beating of my heart. And who could I forget Hweseung’s rendition of Huling El Bimbo by non other than our very own Eraserheads.

So many memories were made and I don’t remember any dull moments. Even when the marshalls are stopping us from taking videos or taking pictures was not enough to ruin the mood. Because we understood and felt why.

Let’s not forget how the crowd went wild when Hweseung announced he wanted to jump on top of the crowd but then they became wilder when hweseung and Seunghyub jump down from the stage. N.Fia’s hearts were filled with so much happiness specially when N.Flying tried their best to communicate with N.Fias and tell them how they Love Sapin Sapin and that they have tasted Jollibee Chicken. How can I forget that broken Mic Stand and Fake mustache? 😁 Or how they read the banner including the english words plus the date plus the location. Or how they made us believe “Na walang uuwi kasi di sila uuwi sa Korea, Sa Hotel lang.”

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Their playfulness and unending energy kept the whole concert hall alive with N.Fias on standing ovation, jumping, and waving their hands while singing or humming along with N.Flying’s music. Time went by so fast and it’s time to say goodbye. But we were lucky enough to be able to stand upclose and say few words with them. Seeing their smiles and hearing them say thank you was a memory that will forever be etched inside my heart.

If you haven’t tried N.Flying, please give them a chance. Trust me you’ll never regret it. 😊💜

Here are some of the clips I have and the people I met while I was waiting in line. The Lovely aunt of these two lovely N.Fia’s Babies. I am so happy to meet someone so supportive. I hope you enjoyed the show as much as these lovely kids.

These group of friends that really made an effort to recreate that famous Potato Bong. I really love how artistic they were.

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I would like to thank my Annyeong Oppa Family for letting me have this unforgettable experience. Kamsahamnida for this priceless gift. Let’s give chance to all kinds of music and spread love all over the world. 💜

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