EXCLUSIVE: B.I.G’s Benji Talks About His First Solo Digital Single, Music Inspirations + Message To His Filipino Fans

As of this generation, there are lots of talented K-Pop idol groups that are being introduced to us, Filipino fans. One of them is GH Entertainment’s B.I.G. I’m sure you’re very familiar with them. They went here in Manila twice last 2017. The group consists of 6 members namely J-hoon, Benji, Gunmin, Heedo, Minpyo and their newly added member, Jinseok.

On August 29, B.I.G member Benji released his first solo digital single entitled Telephone. Benji personally told AO about his new single.

“Telephone is a track about late night vibes. Texting someone that you’re really into, talking to them all the time about not really anything interesting but being involved in the conversation completely. About being lost with that person and wanting to call them or have them call you and you put everything out in the open. Something i think a lot of people can really connect with.”

AO: Aside from violin, do you have any other musical instruments that you can play?

“I also play a little piano and i learned to play a very VERY basic bass during ‘Superband’ but definitely nothing i would say qualifies me as a bassist.”

AO: Who are your music inspirations?

“I really really like Pharrell, Zedd, Justin Timberlake, Chet Baker and ofcourse definitely want to thank my mother who helped guide my whole musical beginning! ❤ Love you Mom!”

AO: Do you have any message to you Filipino fans?

“To all my Filipino fans, MAHAL NA MAHAL KITA! Miss you so much! It’s been a long time since I/we went but the concert we had there is forever ingraned in my memory. Hopefully we’ll be able to see each other soon and until then stay safe, be happy and always, ALWAYS do what you want to do. Never let anyone say you can’t do anything.”

You can watch the official m/v of Benji’s digital single here:

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