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Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah’s Upcoming Drama Released it’s First Character Teaser

Ji Chang Wook, whorecently confirmed as the new Bench perfume endorser, will be starring in an upcoming drama Let Me Melt.

Let Me Melt is story of a man and a woman who participated in a 24 hours frozen project and wake up after 20 years later.

On August 16, the drama releases its first stills showing Ji Chang Wook and Woo Jin Ah’s character teaser. Ji will play the role of Ma Dong Chan a producer and director of a variety shows. While Woo Jin Ah will portray the role of Go Mi Ran who works part time for Ma Dong Chan.

Let Me Melt is set to air this coming September. Are you excited to see Ji Chang Wook’s come back drama? Comment your feels bes!

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