C-Movie Recommendation: ‘Love The Way You Are’ starring Vivian Sung and Song Weilong

Watching a good movie can release our stress. It doesn’t matter if it is in English, Filipino, Korean, Thai or even Chinese as long as the story is good and worth our precious time.

Now, let’s talk about this 2019 Chinese flick Love The Way You Are starring Vivian Sung (Our Times) and Song Wei Long.

I’m always picky when it comes to Chinese movies. There are a lot of good C-Movies but some are just so-so. But this movie captured my heart.

Love The Way You Are tells the story of a happy-go-lucky girl Zhou Lin Lin and her nerd, socially awkward neighbor Fang Yu Ke. They finished high school in the same school and coincidentally entering the same university. They both took Animal Husbandry as their course.

This movie is quite interesting because of it’s plot and characters. We’ve known Vivian Sung as the female lead of another blockbuster hit Our Times alongside Darren Wang. Her character here in Love The Way You Are is also lovable like her role from her past movies.

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Vivian Sung as Zhou Lin Lin

While her leading man, Song Wei Long is a Chinese actor-model who starred in C-dramas such as Untouchable Lover and Find Yourself alongside Victoria Song, member of South Korean K-Pop group f(x).

Song Wei Long as Fang Yu Ke

You can also spot some familiar faces in this movie. You will definitely recognize them especially if you’re a Meteor Garden fan. (Even Song Wei Long looks like a young Vic Zhou. Hihihi!)

Wang Yue as Zhou Lin Lin’s mother
Sun Qian as Xu Jie Er

Overall, this movie will make you realize the value of life and friendship. It’s not as bongga like the other movies but it is definitely worth your time. The twists at the ending part is really something. 😊

Curious about this movie? You can watch the trailer here:

My Ratings: 9/10

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