Ong Seong Wu, former member of Wanna One, is coming back with a new K-drama titled Moment at Eighteen; which will be aired at JTBC starting July 22, 2019.

Accordingly, the story revolves around a boy, Choi Joon  Woo, who is used being alone and is having a hard time expressing himself. Until, he transfers to a new school where he met a top student, Yoo Soo bin; who wanted to be independent but is controlled by her mother. While, Ma Whi Young, another student who appears calm and gentle but suffers from a complex. Find out how their life changes after they met.

Meanwhile, cast members are as follows:

  • Ong Seong Wu as Choi Joon Woo;

  • Kim Hyan Gi as Yoo So bin;

  • Shin Seung Ho as Ma Hwi Young;

  • Kang Ki Young as Oh Han Kyul; and

  • ASTRO’s MoonBin as Jung Oh Jae.

Moreover, you might want to watch the trailer below.

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