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Ong Seongwu PH in partnership with Viu PH to hold a free admission #ViuItRight: “At Eighteen” watch party

Ong Seongwoo’s upcoming JTBC drama Moment at Eighteen will finally air on July 22. Accordingly, its story is about a boy who is used being alone and is having a hard time expressing himself. Until, he transfers to a new school where he met a top student; who wanted to be independent but is being controlled by her mother. While, there’s another student who appears calm and gentle but suffers from a complex.

With that, Ong Seongwoo PH spearheaded a watch party for the artist’s drama in partnership with Viu PH. It is a free admission event titled #ViuItRight: At Eighteen Watch Party.

In which, it will take place on July 27, 1-5PM in Cinema ’76, Anonas LRT2.

Based on Ong Seongwoo PH; “This project will be centered on the promotion of Ong Seongwu’s drama which is intertwined with the youth’s crucial role in the development of his and her peers. Moment at Eighteen is a drama that teaches others how to stand up against bullies and how an 18-year-old develops in different aspects of life.”

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Explaining that, “ONG SEONGWU Philippines, through
this project, will be a platform to discuss these relevant issues not only concerning Ong Seongwu but also the struggles of teenagers in today’s society.”

Subsequently, #ViuItRight is also a campaign for legal downloading and streaming.

As mentioned, the event is free admission; meaning, it is a non-profit and no payment will be collected onsite for the viewing. Unless, you decide to buy goods of the partner organization.

To register, click here. If you should have any questions, please contact Ong Seongwoo PH through their Twitter account.

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