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LOOK: Will BigHit Entertainment launch another girl group?

After Min Hee Jin's recruitment in the company, will BigHit Entertainment now be ready to launch another girl group?

Fans felt so much excitement for BigHit Entertainment’s new move for their company.

Recently, the top entertainment company recruited Min Hee Jin, a former board member and creative director from SM Entertainment.

As she left SM Entertainment years ago, she received so much calls and offers way off her line.

She decided to join BigHit Entertainment and will be the one who will lead their new brand identity.

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Moreover, she will also lead the launch of the possible, another girl group from BigHit Entertainment after GLAM (2012) since she is the woman behind Girls Generation and Red Velvet’s concepts.

We believe Min Hee Jin’s thoughts on branding will give flight to Big Hit, and we are looking forward to seeing what kind of innovation she’ll bring to K-pop through her label.

Bang Si Hyuk, CEO of BigHit Entertainment

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