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The Castle in Manila: The Boyz ‘Closes’ the Castle Gates with Filipino Deobis

“You know what happens when the castle closes? It becomes Deobi and The Boyz’ nation.” – Eric

On June 30, The Boyz FanCon, “The Castle,” ended with Manila as their last stop. The night was filled with Deobi’s deafening screaming and The Boyz’ astounding performances.

The Boyz greeted their fans with a few Tagalog words they learned like “mahal kita” (I love you), “magsaya tayo” (let’s have fun), and “maganda at gwapo kayong lahat” (you’re all beautiful and handsome).

They had fun playing games (Intro Quiz and Whisper Challenge), and then sang the Tagalog song “Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko” to their fans.

Shortly after, the second part of the fancon started. The Boyz performed some of their songs like No Air, Bloom Bloom, Giddy Up, and KeePer. And covered songs from EXO and Twcie, respectively.

The place was erupted with Deobi’s fanchant and energy. Everyone was pumped and enjoying the show to the fullest. The Boyz’s energy, also, never diminished and gave their fans an amazing night!

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But before the show came to its end, Filipino Deobi showed their fan project that made the boygroup emotional and extremely happy.

They promised to see their fans again in a bigger venue and make them proud! They also made Deobis promise that when they came back, they will still be their fans.

Though the show ended, it opened another chapter to be filled with The Boyz and Deobi’s new memories together.

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