READ: Leaders of SHINee, HIGHLIGHT, INFINITE, 2AM, BIGBANG, and VIXX performed on one stage!

Last June 13, a military event titled ROKA Hoguk Music Concert was held at the KBS building; wherein the legendary second generation leaders of Kpop boygroups performed.

Photo source: @ifntinfo

Highlight’s leader Doojoon was one of the hosts of the evening along with actor Go Kyungpyo. SHINee’s leader Onew, 2AM’s leader Jo Kwon, VIXX’s leader N and INFINITE’s leader Sungkyu performed the highlight of their musical Shinheung Military Academy soundtrack along with actor Kim Minseok.

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Moreover, BIG BANG’s Daesung and Taeyang did their special performance at the later part of the concert.

Video source: High Lite

The line up was one that wouldn’t have expected to see other than a joint concert because the military idols united on one stage. Yes, mga bes! The military enlistment of these second generation legendary leaders of their respective groups is a way that gathered them in one place. What a sight to see!

Even though they are busy in their parts, they still managed to take a group photo at the end of the concert. It is indeed a great and powerful event!

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Photo source: starlights2
Photo source: @ifntinfo
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