Park Bo Gum watched BTS’ concert at Hongkong last March 2019. This was part of their “Love Yourself” world tour.

On the video uploaded by BTS last May 29, 2019, the Korean actor was waiting for them at the backstage and the boys were very surprised when they saw him. He was wearing a Love Yourself shirt, a Cooky headband, holding concert banner and a BTS lightstick. He also told them that he was able to watched them since his own fanmeeting was held in Hongkong as well.

Jin got out of the room quickly and came back with a cute sunglasses that he gave to Bo Gum. How sweet huhu!

It’s not also a secret that Bo Gum and V are very good friends. V was smiling widely all through out the video.

You may watch the full video here.

How to have a supportive friend and fanboy like Bogummy?

He is soooo cute, right? 😍😍😍

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