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LOOK: KPOP Concerts and Events in Manila to look forward this 2019

We have been bombarded lately with continuous announcement on Kpop concerts and events.

To make it easier for you (to agonize) and choose which one you would go, we compiled a list of all the upcoming Kpop concerts and events scheduled for 2019 as of writing.

Bae Jin Young Fanmeeting (May 18 @ The New Frontier Theater)

Seo Kang Jun Fanmeeting (May 25 @ The New Frontier Theater)

Kpop World Music Festival (June 9 @ The Mall of Asia Arena)

Park Bo Gum Fanmeeting (June 22 @ The Mall of Asia Arena)

Twice Concert (June 29 @ The Mall of Asia Arena)

The Boys Fan-Con Tour (June 30 @ The Mall of Asia Arena)

TVXQ Concert (July 13 @ The Mall of Asia Arena)

GFriend Concert (August 25 @ The Kia New Frontier Theater)

Can you hear that? It’s our wallet crying. T-T

Note: The list is already long but we will be updating it for every new announcement.

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