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Kim Wooseok debuts with Red Moon

Kim Wooseok of UP10TION and X1 made his solo debut with Red Moon.

His first solo album “1ST DESIRE [GREED]” and the title track “Red Moon”, conveys a fantastic love wrapped in a veil to the red moon.

Kim Wooseok’s vocals also captured the development of the song, which gets more emotional in the second half.

Moreover, his first solo album “1ST DESIRE [GREED]” is consists of seven tracks including “Red Moon.” He participated in most of the songs’ lyric writing and composition; he co-wrote and co-composed, Intro, Red Moon, Do U Like and Beautiful.

In particular, the fan song “Beautiful,” is expected to show opposite charm from “Red Moon” and also impress with sincerity towards “Nia,” which always sends warm support and love.

The music video shows Wooseok’s dreamy visual and beauty, a reversal between intensity and purity, and the performance that emphasizes dance lines are eye-catching.

Watch Red Moon’s music video below:

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Congratulations on your solo debut, Wooseok!

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