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Where are the casts of ‘Full House’ now?

Full-House is one of the K-drama classics. When it aired last 2004, everyone got hooked up with Song Hye Kyo’s adorable dance cover of Three Little Bears.

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How can we also forget their Philippine adapted names of Jessie and Justin right?

Now let’s have a little flashback to see how the casts are doing now after the drama ended 15 years ago:

Main Casts

Song Hye Kyo

She played the optimistic and gullible girl who owns the ‘Full House,’ as Han Ji Eun, but gets betrayed by her friends when they sold the house while Ji Eun went on a vacation. Hye Kyo was only 23 when she took the role, and she already grew popularity from Autumn In My Heart back then.

She was once married to Descendants of the Sun pair, Song Joong Ki and called it quits in 2019. She worked with Park Bo Gum in Encounter and has a drama, Now We’re Breaking Up paired with Jang Ki Yong.

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Rain (Ju Ji Hoon)

He played the role of the popular Korean actor, Lee Young Jae who bought the Full House. He appears as stubborn due to his popularity but opens up to his friends later on. Rain was only 22 years old during this series. He became an established Hallyu Star because of this series.

Rain has established his own label, R.A.I.N Company. He married actress Kim Tae Hee in 2017 and they share two daughters together. He joined Hangout With Yoo‘s Project, SSAK3 where they released a summer hit, Beach Again.

Han Da Gam (Han Eun Jung)

She portrayed the role of a popular fashion designer, Kang Hye Won who is a childhood friend of Young Jae. Da Gam was only 24 years old when she took the role. She starred in Seoul 1945, last 2006 where she won an Excellence Award.

From being known as Eun Jung, she recently changed her name to Da Gam. Some of her recent projects are Let Me Introduce Her and The All-Around Wife.

Kim Sung Soo

Portrayed the role of Yoo Min Hyuk, Hye Won’s love interest. His character is a playboy who came from a well-known family, but can’t find a serious relationship due to his busy schedule. He tries to win Ji Eun’s heart only to fail in the end. Sung soo was 31 years old when the drama aired.

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He joined Can We Fall Inlove Again last 2014, and Should We Kiss First last 2018. He also became part of some variety shows such as MasterChef Korea Celebrity and Law of the Jungle: Carribean both aired last 2013. Sung Soo is also part of the 2021 series, The Road: Tragedy of One.

Supporting Casts

Kang Do Han (male) and Lee Young Eun (female)

The two were Ji Eun’s best friends who were a couple and betrayed her on the first episode. They were the ones who sold the Full House to Young Jae, but later on, apologized to Ji Eun but sometimes tries to trick her throughout the series. The two were both 22 years old when they took the role.

15 years later and both at 36, Lee Young Eun is now married to a jTBC producer, Go Jun-Ho and has a child. She was a cast of To The Beautiful You last 2012 and worked with Kim Sung Soo on Should We Kiss First last 2018. Meanwhile, Kang Do Han took minor roles until 2006 and is now a businessman.

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