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5 Reasons to ‘Stay’ with Stray Kids

As of now, there are so many talented groups that you can’t help but to stan them. All groups are very different from each other.

Last year, a new boygroup from JYP Entertainment received a lot of ‘Rookie of the Year’ awards in different year-end awarding ceremonies. That group is none other than ‘Stray Kids’.

You want to know why Stray Kids is worth to stan?

Here’s the 5 reasons why:

1. They’re quite young but their potential is bursting!

2. They have their own composing team. Yes! they composed most of their songs.

Credits to: underwater waves (YouTube)

3. They are very talented. Stan TALENT! They can sing, dance, rap and of course they can write their own songs.

4. They expresses YOUTH. Stray Kids expresses the feelings of today’s youth, the pressure, life in school etc.

5. Stray Kids can inspire other youth. They are also writing inspiring songs that can motivate other people.

Meanwhile, Stray Kids will be having their solo concert here in Manila entitled ‘Unveiled’ tour on April 27, 2019 at the Araneta Coliseum. Tickets are now available through ticketnet outlets nationwide

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Stan Stray Kids! Stay with Stray Kids!

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