Being a fan of a kpop group requires a LOT of investments. You have to invest your time, feels and most importantly MONEY, so it’s really a must to ask yourself if it’s really worth it?– But ofcourse it really is. Being a fan is always a give and take cycle, you invest the said investments and you will get something in return– Happiness. So I’m here, as your new chingu to introduce you a bundle of happiness named Seventeen, why you should stan them and to prove that IT IS REALLY WORTH IT.

So Seventeen (세븐틴), is a thirteen member boy group under Pledis Entertainment alongside with NU’EST, After School, Son Dambi and Pristin. They have been active since May 26, 2015 and still trapping Carats and even netizens to their diamond life.

Here are the reasons why you should stan Seventeen:

1. Strong position lines

Seventeen is composed of three units which are the Vocal team, Hiphop team and Performance team. Undeniably, each of the members justifies the means of being on the team that they belong to. Even the members are very complex that they can dance, sing and rap that makes the group have this “chemistry” that “You can’t copy this, Seventeen carat” (Shining Diamonds, 2015)

2. Synchronized

Apart from the 13 members+3 units+1 team=17 meaning behind their group name, everyone is convinced that the S in Seventeen means “Synchronize.” Despite the number of members, they still managed to get into the choreo all together. it took a lot of effort to do that especially with that amount of members and powerful dance steps.

3. Producers

Seventeen is known for producing their own songs and choreographing their performance starting from pre-debut songs up to now. Woozi and Kye Bumzu, a pledis music producer are the brains behind behind the bops, while the performance team are assigned in doing the choreo.

The group also revealed that the hiphop team members personally write their own lyrics in the songs that they released.

4. Visual

Talents > Visual or Visual > Talents? either way around, Seventeen have both. Each of the members has this unique feature that make them stand out.

5. Their love for Carats

Seventeen wrote a lot of song for their fans such as “Healing,” “Thanks,” “Smile flower” and many more. They never failed to mention the fandom everytime they got a chance to do so and even post a letter to their fans. Carats are in awe knowing that the said group have done enough for them to be happy, but it seems like Seventeen is still thinking on how to pay back the love that they are receiving from their fans.

6. Never-ending pursuit for food

Everyone loves food, so does Seventeen. Is these scenes familiar to you?

7. Flexible: Can do both boy and girl group dances

With the amount of dance covers posted online, Seventeen is indeed a girl-group dance enthusiast. If you watch 17TV, their pre-debut show, you would know that the members always have a space for learning their senior’s dance steps and they are still doing it up to now, the only difference is they are now also dances to their hoobae’s songs.

8. Survival 101

Seventeen starred at their own MBC variety show, One fine day. This is about 13 castaway boys, and as the name implies, Seventeen was brought to Yeosodo island and made them experience the castaway life. They worked and played challenges in order for them to get some food and survive for a living.

9. Shades and Disses

If there’s another thing that Seventeen is good at other than the idol stuffs— its dissing. Nobody disses them hard as they diss themselves. It’s a product of a strong bond since pre-debut so it’s natural for them to do this kind of beefs. As a matter of fact, even The8, one of the Chinese members admitted on one of their guestings that he’s learning Korean so he can diss them better that made the other members laugh. This kind of brotherhood, isn’t that sweet?

10. Innovative

Some of Seventeen members have this thing for art. Mingyu and The8 recently show off their paintings at their exhibition specially for Carats. Seventeen also participated in ideas for their merchandises, fanchants and even designing their stages.

11. EXtrAAAaaaA

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Seventeen and their variety-worthy attitude is something that carats are proud of. In fact, even variety shows can back this information up.

12. Memes

Good news for people who loves memes! if you are to stan Seventeen, you will never ran out of it because memeteen is here to back you up with derps.

13. Life hacks

Jeonghan, the master of Seventeen when to comes to trolling, comes in to give us some life hacks to makes our lives easier. Watch at your own risk lmao

BONUS: Cultural appreciation

Seventeen is very open in trying the norms of different countries. Wanna know why? Watch this video.

Every group is worth stanning, and seventeen is not an exception. Why not give it a try?

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