Stray Kids’ Unveil Tour ‘I Am..’ in Manila is happening two weeks from now! The rookie JYP boy group will debut on the Philippine stage this April 27, and Filipino STAYs are much excited than ever!

Check out these 5 reasons why you should watch, or what you should expect on their upcoming concert:

1. You can finally use your official or fan made light stick!

Yes, after months of waiting and only using your light sticks in your rooms and fan gatherings, you can finally wave them when you see the boys perform live! You might even get their attention if you’ve created an eye-catching fan light stick made out of coca-cola bottles…coz we all know how much they love the said soft drink!

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From Pinterest.

2. You can hear them speak in Tagalog.

After the non-stop cheering from their amazing opening, the boys will for sure try their very best to learn and speak Tagalog and begin the night greeting the Filipino STAYs with ‘Magandang Gabi!’ or ‘Mahal Kita!’

3. You might catch them dance to a girl group song.

Aside from hearing and watching their live performances, Stray Kids might prepared something fun and memorable for their Filipino fans. Being known also as girl group fanboys, the boys dancing to a girl group song is also possible! Will they prepare a short dance cover of senior, TWICE or fellow rookie, ITZY?

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Look at this video for reference:

4. You can participate in the fan projects to show your love for Stray Kids.

Usually the local fan bases prepares a fan project or gifts for the K-POP groups to show their gratitude for visiting the Philippines. You can visit Stray Kidz Philippines to check for any upcoming fan projects that will be done during the concert!

5. Get a chance to meet and share some feels with fellow STAY.

The concert is not only for you to focus on the boys completely but it is also a great opportunity to meet and be friends with your fellow STAYs! You may bond with them while on your line before the concert starts and you can also share some stories and fangirl or fanboy with them while waiting for the boys! You might never know that they can be an addition to your great K-POP friends!

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From kpopherald

So make sure to get ready for a night to remember, Filipino STAYs! Kaunting tulog nalang, we will breathe the same air with Stray Kids na!

While waiting, let’s all listen to their latest single, MIROH:

Featured Image Source: JYP Entertainment

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