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Produce X 101’s title songs to be revealed on MCountdown

Produce X 101, the new season of Mnet’s survival reality show in which 101 trainees will compete to debut. It debuts one of the most popular group around the world like I.O.I, Wanna One and the latest IZ*ONE.

The title song for this season will be unveiled today, March 21 on MCountdown. The song is titled “_Jima.”

For this season, the center position for the title songs was voted by the national producers. According to some media outlets the first center is Son Dong Pyo from DSP Media.

The title song is an energetic song which features message to cheer the students with words such as ‘Do not give up’, ‘Do not give in to my world’, ‘Do not be afraid’ in the chorus.

Furthermore, according to the staff, “It is a song that encourages the students to not give up their dreams.” This song is accompanied by meaningful lyrics.

‘_Jima’ will be released at 6 o’clock KST. Meanwhile, Mnet ‘Produce X 101’ will be broadcasted at 11 o’clock KST on the night of May 3.

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