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Moonbin of Astro confirmed that he will be part of the drama ‘Moment of Eighteen’ together with Ong Seong Wu.

‘Moment of Eighteen’ is a drama about’ Pre-Youth’ it will focus on the students who are in their 18’s.

Furthermore, Moonbin will play the role of a good-looking popular student ‘Jung Oh Je’ who enjoys sports. He will become the only friend of Choi Joon Woo which is Ong Seong Woo’s character.Jung Oh Je likes to cook for Jun Woo, who often misses meals. Despite of his good personality, he have secrets that he cannot tell others.

In 2009, Moonbin made his acting debut on KBS hit drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’. People starts to recognize his potential as an actor after appearing in the drama ‘To be Continued’ and ‘Idol Fever’

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Moonbin on Boys Over Flowers

Through his agency, Moobin said “I am very nervous and excited because it is my first drama after being an adult,” He added that he wan to communicate with the viewers through the heart of his character.

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Meanwhile, JTBC’s “Moment of Eighteen”starring Moon Bin will start Filming on April.

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