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Flash drives containing BTS’ songs reportedly found in North Korea

South Korea's phenomenal septet BTS paved their way across the world for their music and undeniable talents...even in North Korea?

The media outlet Daily NK reported that a flash drive containing songs by BTS, accompanied by some episodes of KDrama, has been found in North Korea.

IMAGE: Grammys

It was found in a house in Hyesan, a city in of North Korea’s Yang Kang Province that is owned by an ex-soldier that has been recently discharged.

All in all, there were two flash drives inside the house, one containing the drama Marry Me Now (2018) and the other, BTS’ songs from their various albums.

As expected, the owner of the flash drives is arrested because of North Korea’s strict policy on banning of anything related to South Korean pop culture.

IMAGE: BigHit Entertainment

The country gives severe punishments to those who will break their laws.

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