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#BESpeaks: Panoorin ko na ba o mamaya na?

Should you watch an on-going KDrama then finish it or letting it finish first then watch the whole KDrama? #BESpeaks is a collection of sentiments by fans, for the fans!

As a KDrama avid fan, each of us has our own ways on how to watch our favorite shows.

There are fans that really love to go throwback and watch the #TitaofKoreanovela shows such as My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Coffee Prince, Winter Sonata and more. There are also fans who are what they call ‘late fans’ – they really did not catch up with the past released KDramas so they are watching it now.

But here is the question for the fans: Are you going to watch an on-going KDrama then finish it or letting it finish first then watch the whole KDrama?

We asked the members of Annyeong Oppa group on Facebook and out of the thousands of members, we received such charming and too-much-feels answers from our very active members!

Here are some of them:

Team On-going gave their verdict!

As much as possible on going para damang-dama mo yung episode every week kahit sobrang bitin. Mas naa-attach ako sa drama pag ganun. Haha. Saka para iwas tambak. πŸ˜…

Angel Abogado Dante

Mas prefer ko yung on-going. Usually kasi nalilimit ko yung sarili ko sa panunuod. At ang sarap sa pakiramdam na may inaabangan every week.
Natry ko na kasi yung manuod ng tapos na, hindi ko matigilan. Sobrang napupuyat ako to the extent na nahihilo na ako at di ko na masyadong mafeel yung KDrama. πŸ˜‚

Kin Carabbacan

I prefer ongoing. Dun kasi natetest yung patience ko lalo na pag cliffhanger yung dulo ng episode. Tapos na-realize ko less time-consuming sya kesa isang bagsakan. Though, I try to finish 2-3 na KDramas per week in addition sa ongoing πŸ˜‰

Cindy Lee Tan

As a working KDrama fangirl, kailangan watching kdrama din should be with moderation, watch responsibly ganoon. Hahaha. Kaya after mag mukhang zombie kinabukasan at magpaka vampire for the next 3 days to finish a 16-20 episode completed series, I’ve decided to keep myself updated sa mga bagong kdrama every year. (Fan since Meteor Garden, Boys over Flowers and Full House ‘saka Endless Love) Para balanse.

Kasi chinggu ang hirap i-share ang feels kapag may nacocompromise to keep us living. Rewarding and exciting din kasi to wait for the next episode every week. Now for completed series na di ko pa nakikita ni-ssched ko sila pag Weekends. Para I can just do my staycation and kdrama marathon all the way. So ano sagot ko?

On Going tayo — Para updated at may thrill.Β 

Car Shee

Team Finished also talked about this!

Yung completed na para hindi na mag-abang ng susunod na episode. Nakakabitin kasi. Atleast kapag completed na, pwede mong i-marathon.

Ronilyn Rodas

I prefer completed, I tried watching on-going before, nawawala ako sa huwisyo, nabibitawan ko yung story.

Muning Sangco

I like completed KDramas more than on-going ones. The reason is because I don’t like the feeling of cliffhangers, though it’s a good strategy to keep the audience hooked I still prefer not to wait for a week just to pacify my anticipation… HAHAHHA, gusto ko makita ko na agad yung next episode and what will happen. (but [I] watch ongoing kdramas too if it’s worth the wait lol)

Cj Taotao

Siguro patapusin muna hahahaha kahit maraming Spoiler πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Tapos habang naghihintay ka pwede ka naman manuod ng complete episode na KDrama. 😍

Irene Morete Latayan

And some…could not just settle for one!

For me, in between. Hahaha may benefit kasi both. Pag on-going, masuspense ka per episode kasi di tuloy tuloy ang feels mo at iba ang thrill non. Haha pag tapos naman, mas maeenjoy mo siya panoorin kasi tuloy tuloy at di ka nabibitin although nakakaumay minsan pag tuloy tuloy mo siya pinapanood.

Micah Sales

Depende sa genre. Hahaha. Pag rom-com or melodrama, okay lang [na] ongoing. Pero ‘pag medical/legal/crime investigation, marathon πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ‘di ko kaya yung torture ng cliff hanger sa bawat EP.

Stella Reyes Chua

It depends to the drama and to the viewer. There are these certain dramas na worth the wait. Yung tipong part ng drama yung thrill and value of waiting. Yung matetest yung patience ng viewer pero kahit ganon, panonoorin parin kasi nga maganda. Even though once or twice in a week lang yung update, hindi parin natin nakakalimutan yung storyline because the plot itself makes us remember. Depende din sa viewer kung may preference lang talaga siya. There are those people na gustong straight straight yung panonood. Yung mga taong, isang drama isang araw. Yung nakakaroon ng anxiety about endings. (Kasama na ako doon.πŸ˜†) Or pwede din na ayaw nila ng bitin. Typically, ganyan naman talaga ang mga ongoing dramas. πŸ˜‚ To make my point short, depende.

Mariane Canete

Depende. May time na mas gusto ko syang tapusin pero kung pinapaligiran ka ng mga kaibigan mong spoilers mapapanood talaga ako kahit hindi pa dapat hahaha


Now, there are really different ways on how we watch a certain KDrama, and I can say, each fan is unique to the other.

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Personally, I really like to let my drama be completed first rather than watching it on-going because as a person, I cannot wait for the next episode…at ayoko talaga ng nabibitin sa mga pinapanood ko! I do not want to be so stressed with the upcoming episodes and I know I can handle watching the whole drama without reading some spoilers about it.

Whatever ways we do, let’s not forget to become responsible fangirls/fanboys of KDrama, ‘wag sana tayong mang-spoil ng mga mangyayari, ‘di ba bes?

Keep fangirling, bes!


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