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LOOK: 10,000 ARMYs gathered in Seoul Plaza

On March 10, BTS held a special event called ARMYPEDIA ‘RUN ARMY in ACTION’ with 10,000 Official members of BTS’ official fan club. The said event is for BTS and ARMY’s to enjoy and reminisce about their past activities.

“RUN ARMY in ACTION” is an offline event of the BTS ARMYPEDIA “ARMYPEDIA” is a combination of “ARMY,” the official fandom name of BTS, and “Wikipedia,”. It’s set to record a total of 2080 days from June 13, 2013 until February 21, 2019, 2019.

In “RUN ARMY in ACTION,” ARMYS answered a quiz about BTS and watched the concert stage together. ARMYs sings and cheer for BTS.

“RUN ARMY in ACTION” is an event designed to reward fans for their love for BTS.

Meanwhile, BTS will hold the “ARMY UNITED in SEOUL” at the Cultural Complex in Seoul.

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